Character Restores Liberty

Broadcasting from Michigan in the middle of a great tour and I’m finding people so excited to hear the message of liberty. The Liberty First message is resonating just about everywhere it’s heard and I love it when I get to go to places that  the rest  of the country has written off! And I want you to know that there are people who are ashamed about what is happening in places like Detroit and they are hungry for the message of Liberty First.  If you want to know why socialism doesn’t work  look at Detroit. Detroit however is not the only city heading in this direction. Detroit is just the first. The answer is not more socialism but more liberty. We must get educated, get focused, stop being distracted and realize that the character that engenders and embraces liberty is the character that will restore our country.

Don't Be a Happy Slave

History shows us that when a society, a country is focused on prosperity and only concerned with material gain, then tyrants will trickle down just enough to keep us happy slaves. History proves this over and over again. Being focused on only ‘stuff’ gives tyrants the power to control you. This is how Hitler came to power. He promised prosperity and promised them everything. This conversation and this tone is exactly the type of dialogue the Obama talking heads want us to have top of mind. Because if we have this top of mind and if we continue to look for the government to provide our everything then we’ll be happy slaves, but slaves none the less and we won’t be concerned about liberties. Don’t be a happy slave because if we’re simply concerned with prosperity we’ll never develop what we need to restore our Constitutional republic.

Games Republicans Play

The Republican party exhibits some pretty amazing (and might I say bizarre) behavior when it comes to demonizing members of their own party who CHOOSE to stand for liberty. They (Chris Christie and Karl Rove to name two) seem to be taking lessons from the Democratic party playbook when it comes to pitting one group against another. It’s their own brand of “Divide and Conquer” rules for radicals. It is totally bizarre and I’d love to share my analysis about this (stranger than truth situation) with you.

Know YOUR Rights

If you want to throw down the gauntlet against tyranny. If you want to help others understand the beauty, power and majesty of liberty then it is incumbent on you to know as much as you can about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Now, amazingly when I do my workshops one of the questions I ask people is if they can enumerate the five liberties which are secured by the 1st amendment. Amazingly enough a majority of people struggle with this question. So if you want to further the cause then you must empower  yourself and others by knowing your rights.  And…………dare I say that the more  you know your rights, and the more you know about the Constitution the less likely you’re going to allow those who want to take your liberties from getting away with it.

Traitors and Terrorists

Roll call on the Amash amendment to defund the NSA supporting the collection of our meta data, personal information and attack on the 4th Amendment. Now we have a list of traitors who are willing to put security over liberty and who believe that liberty has less value than national security. During a monthly live stream called “Conversations with Conservatives” the Amash amendment came up. During this call Michele Bachman stated that she was going to be voiting against the Amash amendment because the only beneficiaries of the amendment will be Islamic Jihdists. I’m not joking here. Does she thing that the 4th amendment only protects the Islamic Jihadists and that we don’t need the same protections. Amash stood his ground admirably declaring that this protection was our right. Apparently Ms. Bachman doesn’t agree and if you want to know what she said, then click the play button now.

A Representative Government?

We have been taught in school that the Boston Tea Party was the result of taxation without representation, This is not totally correct. The reason for the Tea Party was not taxation without representation but legislation without representation. Parliament over in merry old England was making and imposing laws on the colonists without any colonists being represented in Parliament. This situation is what we find ourselves in today. Legislation without representation. The conditions that caused the Boston Tea Party are the same conditions we find ourselves in now! I’m just saying. Take a listen and I’ll let you know why I say this.

Me or Marco

I don’t dislike Maro Rubio, but apparently he doesn’t like me. Recently he said that if I was speaking at an event then he would not. So I’m putting it on the record that I do not dislike Marco Rubio personally, I just don’t like his voting record. He calls himself a Constitutional conservative, but that is not the truth. The truth is in his voting record. So Marco, if you read or hear this Podcast  get in touch. Let’s sit down and have conversation about the Constitution just call. Send an email. Or you could listen to this entire Podcast. It will help you understand the Constitution tremendously.

Do You Know Your Rights?

The level of Constitutional illiteracy amongst the political class is rampant and shameful. I mean no wonder our liberties are slipping away and under attack. You have the choice to know more than your politicians and I’m here to help you understand exactly what these are. Because if you don’t know what your rights are you don’t know when you’ve lost them!

Ranting and Raving

Sometimes it’s good therapy to have a good laugh, or two. The fight for liberty is not an easy fight and it’s a fight that won’t be won overnight. There will be stress and physical as well as mental exhaustion in the process and in order for all liberty lovers to be in for the long term, it’s important to replenish with humor and laughter. So there is a bit of initial humor and occasional giddiness in the beginning of this podcast, but then you’ll hear me take on (as I like to do) the Republican establishment for doing (or not doing) the things that are necessary to move the cause of liberty forward.

Disgraceful Angela Corie

Angela Core, the prosecuting attorney in the George Zimmerman trial and her behavior has disgraced the entire legal system as well as the jurors. What she obviously fails to understand is that making the kind of post-trial comments she did, only illustrates her incompetence. She needs to be held accountable for her actions and I’m going to tell you exactly why.