What Every Sheriff, Deputy & Police Officer Must Know

All oath takers must be oath keepers. You cannot keep an oath when you do not understand what that oath means. It is time we educate those who have the duty to protect our Rights so they don’t end up destroying them in their ignorance.

Alternatively you can listen to the “KrisAnne Hall Show’ on YouTube

Will Paper Tigers Confirm Lynch?

Will Paper Tigers Confirm Lynch? All bark and no bite! So please tell me what exactly is the benefit of a Republican House and Senate? I’m missing it.

The Greatest Threats To Liberty & Simple Solution

Keynote speech at the 3rd annual Kansas 10th Amendment Dinner in January 2015


The Greatest Threats To Liberty And The Simple Solution

KrisAnne Hall was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual Kansas 10th Amendment Dinner in January 2015. In this rousing presentation KrisAnne talks about the biggest threats to liberty we face today in the United States and the simple solution provided to us by our founders.

The threats we face today are no different then our founding fathers and their ancestors faced. The solution is at hand when we choose to use it.

Take a stand.

Take advantage of simple, easy to understand tools to help you defend liberty with authority by going to http://krisannehall.com/defend-your-rights/

Congress Will Declare America an Oligarchy

Listen to this short clip from the KrisAnne Hall Show and understand that when the House sues the President “to limit” his power they will actually increase it and destroy the Republic at the federal level. Read this article on the Dangers of the Oligarchy of Thieves http://goo.gl/68AeJL

This is Who John Boehner Is.

Listen to this short clip from the KrisAnne Hall Show and a documentary created in June of 1995. You won’t believe what you will hear from the mouth of John Boehner. But then again, maybe you will. Because, this is who John Boehner really is.

It's Not Stupid, It's Dangerous

The Politicians in Washington DC are creating a Kingdom, an oligarchy and here is how they will finally get it done.

Feel Safe Yet?

Feel Safe Yet? More government intrusion, funded by Congress, approved by the House and Senate since 2008. Are we safer today or just more enslaved?

Listen to “Feel Safe Yet?” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

Historical Fiction or Fact – The History Channel

There is a 3 day series called The Sons of Liberty on the History Channel this week. So far the first day leaves much to be desired. What should we expect from an “historical fiction” and what are the facts?

A Congressman and the Constitution

Attention Congressman Gosar! You took an oath about protecting the Constitution. Remember? Amazing short video that reveals what Congress really thinks about the Constitution.

He doesn’t get off the hook however without being informed in no uncertain terms why  Liberty must be supported.


Taxes = Legal Plunder

Legal plunder in the form of taxes is still plunder. And it is a favorite tool of BOTH parties. Listen to the definition of legal plunder and see how ALL government is guilty.

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of the KrisAnne Hall Show on  YouTube