Where is Accountability for Media Lies About Indiana?

The lies and hysteria being fueled by media and celebrity are actually acts of Libel! Isn’t about time we hold these people accountable for their actions?  Time to put TRUTH back in media.

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Indiana Freedom of Religion

washington prayingThe Indiana law known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is intended to give citizens protection from federal coercion and encroachment upon religious conscience.  It is intended specifically to protect conscientious objectors from participating in acts contrary to their religiously held beliefs and to allow them to seek relief against the violators of their religious conscience.  In truth there is a flaw in this apparently well-intended law. And here it is from the text of the law itself:

“Sec. 6. A state action, or an action taken by an individual based upon a state action, may not substantially burden a person’s right to the exercise of religion, even if that burden results from a law or policy of general applicability unless the state or political subdivision of the state demonstrates that applying that burden to the person’s exercise of religion is: (1) essential to further a compelling government interest…”

This law, like many other 1st dilence150x150Amendment Preservation Acts creates a loophole for the government to justify their violations.  These acts change the First Amendment standard from “shall not abridge” to the government CAN abridge as long as they can show “a compelling government interest” for their infringements.  It is the same loophole that the government uses to justify circumventing the 4th Amendment to read your emails and collect your internet and phone data: a compelling government interest in national security.

According to this law, the government could perhaps argue they have a “compelling government interest” to prevent discrimination against ALL classes of people, and viola! the act is meaningless.  As a result this law actually gives legal justification for the very violations it was created to prevent!

Who Will Watch The Watchmen 400This is the danger of compensating for an unbounded GOVERNMENT exercising a power contrary to Liberty and freedom of conscience. While it is the rightful remedy for states to intercede for its citizens, it is very dangerous when it is not done properly.  We may just set up new precedents to further weaken the liberties we are attempting to protect.

What we desperately need is more constitutional education and fewer laws.

As a side note:  I believe anyone has the right to discriminate against me for the color of my skin, my religion, or even the smell of my perfume if they so choose. I trust Liberty.  I believe in the free market system.  I never trust the government to have the power to force someone to do or not do something.  I believe I have the Liberty to go somewhere else.  I do not have a RIGHT to shop anywhere I want.  But if a store owner discriminates against me, I reserve the right to boycott and encourage all my friends to boycott this business into bankruptcy.  

Comparing the “white only” issues of the 50s & 60s is a misapplication of circumstances.  The “white only” discriminations were a result of a law created BY government prohibiting service based upon race.  

In truth, there is no difference between a government using the force of law to prohibit a business owner from serving someone than a government using the force of law to require a business owner to serve someone.  Either way it is tyranny.

Here is a more in depth explanation if you like: http://goo.gl/oqxylz

IN Religious Freedom Law: Reviewed

Government involved in enforcing beliefs is always bad. Liberty says we are free to believe and to NOT believe as our conscience dictates. So lets review Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act based on the standard of Liberty.

Denying the Status Quo

Do NOT tell me we have to “go along to get along.” Do NOT tell me I am ignoring reality. I am not ignoring reality. I just don’t accept it! I choose not to accept and encourage the current staus quo and make excuses for our failings. I am not a “go along to get along” person. I am not powerless to the forces around me. I choose to CHANGE reality.

Ferguson MO: Truth From The Man On The Roof

While in Missouri I had the opportunity to interview the man who was in charge of all the Oathkeepers that we saw in pictures standing on the building tops defending the private business and the people of Ferguson. I was shocked and moved to tears by what I learned.

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Kicking the Government Out!

Liberty breeds more Liberty. Servitude breeds more servitude. Isn’t it way, way, way past time that we cleanse ourselves of tyranny and kick the government out of our lives and once again experience a life of Liberty.

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of “The KrisAnne Hall Show” on YouTube

New Amnesty: College Issued Greencards

The new government plan for Amnesty, presented and supported by the Conservative Republican House, is to hand immigration over to the colleges. Republican led Amnesty is not dead. They just hope we are not paying attention.

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Obama Will Control Local Police by EO

In December I taught you about Obama’s TASK FORCE ON 21ST CENTURY POLICING. I warned you just how the president will use this task force. The first report from the task force is out and it is exactly what I told you it would be. Listen and share so we can stop this tyrannical rule.

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Why is the ACLU Suing Obama?

What could Obama have possibly done to make even the ACLU sue him? Well, believe it or not, the ACLU is defending your Liberty and Obama is the common enemy.

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Freedom Under Attack

“Without Freedom of thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of speech” – Benjamin Franklin Public Liberty is under threat and the threat comes from those who took an oath to preserve it.

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