And Congress Goes on Vacation

Baby Chop Shops? Affirmative Housing Dictates? Illegal Iran Deals? Unconstitutional Amnesty? Oust Boehner? No Worries…we will just go on vacation.

Understanding Tyranny & Ousting Boehner

A little lesson on reading legislation so we can see their efforts in total control and complete power. Finally a piece of legislation we can support… a resolution in the House OUST Boehner!

Congressional Excuses to Expand Federal Power

More control over food, guns, and our lives…all courtesy of today’s popular excuses by the establishment to give themselves MORE power and the people less liberty.

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of The KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube

Transportation Bill: Corporate Cronyism & Big Govt

Thanks to the establishment GOP the “must pass” Transportation Bill being pushed is nothing but corporate cronyism, big international bank funding, and a gross expansion of federal power. So much for the party of smaller and limited government.

Oops, I Agree With Obama

Obama says government works better than ever before and Josh Ernest says we have the Republicans to blame for our Immigration problem. I agree with both those statements, as so should you. Listen today and find out Why and How and learn how we can stop the Iran deal.

Stopping the IRS is Constitutional!

How were taxes to be collected according to the Constitution? What effect did the 16th Amendment have? What are the solutions to the errant tax collection system? All explained here.

Alternatively you can listen to “Stopping the IRS is Constitutional” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube

Stop! Taking Our Liberty!

There is ONE THING we must know that will take all power from government and secure all Liberty to the people. Yes, just one thing…

Alternatively you can listen to the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube

EPA, IRS, & A Muslim President

How our framers warned us about all of these things and the current events that prove them right. Just how far down the rabbit trail are we?

Alternatively you can listen to “EPA, IRS and a Muslim President” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube