BLM Creates A New Division of Force

The BLM has created a new “law enforcement” division with military style and intelligence gathering directives…an armed NSA of the BLM if you will. This should greatly concern us, but the solution is right around the corner if we are willing to encourage it!

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Do Something or Keep Quiet

Tired of the “naysayer” today I remind us that we need to stop listening to those who say “we can’t” and start being the people “we can!” PS Sorry I get a bit upset today. 😉

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The FBI, Propaganda & Your Children

The FBI has developed an online course for kids to teach them how to identify extremist groups. This website reminds me of a Russian program in the 1930’s lauding a boy named Pavlick Morozov.

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Enough with the Regulations Already

Have you ever stopped to think about how many Federal regulations there are. The number is staggering and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’m fired up.

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What is Despotism?

The Declaration of Independence talks about it. Our framers said their government was the very epitome of it. What does it really mean? Where is it today?


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Reviewing Trump's SCOTUS Nominations

Who should be our next SCOTUS justice? What are the qualifications America should be looking for? Look to the Constitution for guidance on this and other matters of public concern.

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SCOTUS Invents New Power in Zubik v Burwelll

In a bold and audacious move, SCOTUS has declared it is no longer bound in any way, shape, or form by the Constitution. They are now, if precedent is allowed to stand, the ultimate rulers of the universe. Bow to your new Oligarchy, 9 (or 8) Kings and Queens.

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MT Man Faces Life Sentence Over Pond

The EPA: When the government writes the regulations, investigates the crimes, prosecutes the allegations, provides defense for those alleged crimes, and then pays the judge the sits on the bench…how can due process possibly be found?

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