Guilt, Malice, or Folly?

Today’s #Point2Ponder:

I just want to put politicians on notice. They seem to use words that don’t mean what they think they mean. So, let’s clarify:

Just because you are a Republican, doesn’t make you a conservative.
Just because you are a conservative, doesn’t make you a Constitutionalist.
And just because you went to law school, have read the Constitution, or have taken an oath with the word Constitution in it, doesn’t mean you understand it enough to defend it.

Too many of our elected employees make promises impossible for them to keep. They do not understand what they promise and they are too focused on self and pride to admit it. They would rather cling to what they know, regardless of how destructive it might be.

But here is the problem… these politicians have learned that if they give a rip-roaring speech, quote a founder or two, perhaps they are a member of a minority group, former military, or even all of the above, the PEOPLE will ignore their ignorance and tolerate their destruction.

Isn’t it about time we require something more?

Let me enlighten… If they voted for:

NDAA (since 2012)
Federal Building and Ground Improvement Act
Smith-Mundt Modernization Act
Food Safety Modernization Act

Patriot Act
Farm Bill… (to name a few)

If they support or continue to fund the ATF, EPA, HHS, DOE, BLM, Dept Ed, US participation in the UN, TPP, TPA, Iran Deal, etc…

If they have and continue to vote for a “continuing resolution” instead of demanding a Constitutional spending budget

***Know who actually controls the federal budget:***

If they want to have a “common sense debate on gun control”
If they enforce gun permits

If they are for any form of “Amnesty”
If they will not disarm, defund, dissolve all the unconstitutional Executive Agencies
If they supported funding Egypt or arming Syrian Rebels
If they STILL fund Obamacare or talk about a “repeal & replace”
And the list goes on and on…

James Otis, Jr. said in 1761:

“I have learned to despise those whose guilt, malice, or folly has made them my foes.”

Do you believe there are people in government voting for these unconstitutional bills and destroying our Liberty because they are simply ignorant and don’t know any better?  Perhaps they believe that they must “compromise” these principles to have a properly functioning government?  Maybe there are some who are simply wicked and evil and want to destroy our Liberty?  James Otis is reminding us that at the end of the day, their motivation is irrelevant because the result is exactly the same; they are destroying Liberty and the Constitution.   That should make them your enemy.

It doesn’t matter if they give a good speech.  It doesn’t matter if they attend your church or your Rotary Club.  It doesn’t matter if they are members of your political party.  We must remember that through their actions they have classified themselves.  If we want our children to have Liberty we need to stop making excuses for these people.  We need to stop acting like friends and treat them like foes.  They are NOT defending the Constitution and they MUST be STOPPED.