BLM Breaking News, The Logan Act, Govt Created News

Listen as we connect the dots and see how the political sowing of 5 years has now created a harvest of corruption, collusion, and deception.  We can fix this, but only if we are willing to see the connection and do something about it.

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Alternatively you can listen to this edition of “The KrisAnne Hall Show” on  YouTube

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The Morality of Resistance


On the Sea, On the Land: Feds Declare "No Constitution"

Our Federal Government is making a bold step to expand the safety of all Americans, by declaring the Constitution doesn’t apply to the enforcement of federal laws, on the sea or on the land.

Alternatively you can listen to this  edition of the KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube

Congress Acting As Spoiled Children

Today is such a great show, nailing down the real issues and the sources in federal problems.
1. Congress confusing the standard,
2. Trump, is he executing the laws or executing ideology,
3. States breaking laws

And so much more! So much information, so much fun, I bet Rep. Walberg will want it to be illegal! Here’s the link to the KrisAnne Hall show about Rep Walberg

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of The KrisAnne Hall Show on YouTube