Exposing Media Willful Manipulations

You have seen the headlines, you have heard the news, however you have not heard the truth… until now.  Watch as we expose the Fake News from both sides of the media aisle.

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An Open Letter To Our American Youth

Dear #NationalSchoolWalkout:

I weep with you. I am also proud to see you standing for what you believe in. However what you ask for will not bring the results you desire.

These problems in society have never been a result of too much Liberty & eliminating the natural rights of all people will never bring the proper solution. If we want to make you feel safe at school & everywhere in public we must be honest as a society & deal with the real problems.

1. Schools & government are failing you. They have little to no security & practically no real policy to keep your schools secure.

2. We have to endure more security at a public museum than we do at our public schools. I ask our governors & administrators which of these treasures is more valuable?

3. We need to not just make promises to keep you safe, we need policies & actions. We need real secure entrances & exits into the schools. We need real policies limiting “visitors” on campus. Nearly every school shooter would have never even been on campus with proper security & policies.

4. Adults have failed to see your cries for help & have failed to act upon them, putting everyone at risk. We need more adults who are concerned with your mental, physical, & emotional health rather than political correctness, job security, or hurt feelings.

5. We need to train your teachers better. They know CPR; they know how to help a choking child; they need to know how to stop someone from hurting you.

The real solutions that will bring the safety & security we all desire do not require a new federal law or regulation; they do not require a constitutional amendment; they do not require depriving anyone of any rights. The real solutions are much simpler than that.

The real solutions to keeping you safe require only a people who love their children enough to create and enforce local policies & proper training dedicated to the preservation of life, liberty, & property.

The history of the entire world dictates that taking the rights of people to defend themselves will not keep them safe, but will only serve to enslave our future to those more powerful. We must learn that without liberty, security is nothing more than a vapor. Unfortunatley, those who do not recognize their history are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

By not addressing the real problems & and not employing the real solutions, we end up destroying what we set out to preserve. We will make you & your future less safe & we will pass on to all our children a future of greater oppression.

I am telling you this not because I am judging you. I am telling you this because, as a mom, I love you.

We can keep our you safe and keep your rights & liberties secure at the same time. It is time to take back the narrative. It is time to get to work & secure Liberty for all. That is not just our duty to you and to all our children, it is who we are as Americans.

KrisAnne Hall

Bans, Sanctuary, & the States' Role (Rebroadcast)

We always hear so much about the federal government, DOJ suing California, Federal gun controls, but where do the States fit into all of this and what are they doing about these problems?

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DHS to Monitor "Media Influencers"

DHS To Collect, Catalog Journalists, Blogger info to Monitor “Media Influencers”

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking bids from contractors to create a database that will monitor and collect information on journalists and bloggers the government designates as “media influencers.”  The call for bids first showed up on FedBizOps.gov can be seen now at https://goo.gl/3dWwX3.

Now the Department of Homeland Security says we have nothing to worry about.  As a matter of fact, DHS spokesman Todd Houlton tweeted on April 6, 2018 that anyone who has concerns is merely a “tinfoil hat wearing, black helicopter conspiracy theorist”:

So the Department of Homeland Security is going to be collecting personal information and internet activity on people they classify as “media influencers” and anyone worried about that is just an anti-government extremist.  What could possibly go wrong with that?

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Zuckerberg Cohen-Daniels Raid

After you listen to this show you will have to ask yourself, “Why isn’t the Mainstream Media asking these questions? Why isn’t (favorite journalist) discussing these facts?” These are the questions we need to be asking if we want a just government and want to secure our Liberty.

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of the “KrisAnne Hall Show” on YouTube.

Analyzing the Threat of Invasion

KrisAnne and JC look at the most striking current events this week, not from a media perspective, but from a Constitutional and factual perspective.  Time to be a check and balance on media and politics with truth!

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