State Sovereignty

statesovereigntyMost Americans will agree that the federal government is bloated and out of control.  Most Americans also feel overwhelmed and powerless in the challenge to fix this.  Our State Sovereignty course will empower you with the solution to control and correct the federal government’s operations.  Why has this solution been ignored and hidden from the American people for decades?  Because this is the solution our founders put in place.  This is the solution that will work!

Course Video Lessons

When and How the States Were Established

  1. What Does it Mean to be a State
  2. Independent Free Sovereign Government
  3. What is the Nature of our Constitution
  4. The Federal Government is a Creation of the States
  5. Powers Reserved and Powers Delegated
  6. Delegate Doesn’t Mean Surrender
  7. The Term Reserved
  8. How Does the State InterposeArguments Against Nullification
  9. FinalThoughts on Nullification
  10. Final Thoughts

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