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British Parliament 1774 – Biden Admin 2021

British Parliament 1774 – Biden Admin 2021
A comparison of Rulers
by KrisAnne Hall, JD
 biden george article
Look what you missed
because we haven’t taught history accurately
in America for generations:
December 16, 1773 our American colonists held the Boston Tea Party to protest their government’s laws that were unconstitutionally denying our colonists due process, regulating businesses and commerce, and engaging in tyrannical searches and seizures of personal property and private businesses.  In addition to these protests, our colonists were resisting and refusing to comply with these tyrannical laws.  In retaliation to the protests and resistance, the British Parliament passed the Boston Port Act closing down the Boston Port to incoming and outgoing commerce.  Parliament’s plan was to starve the people into submission and obedience.  The newly appointed Governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Gage, would also lockdown personal travel into and out of Boston under the excuse of “security and safety” for the people of Boston. Gage would eventually allow residents to leave Boston, to visit or live in other places, but only after they agreed to hand over their guns on the way out.  (This full history can be found at
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Fast forward to 2021.  The American people are actively protesting and refusing to comply with tyrannical regulatory and medical mandates that control our lives, our businesses, and our bodies.  Our federal government is using their created emergency to engage in unconstitutional seizures of our property and businesses, regulation of our commerce, and denials of due process.  This Administration is using the same manufactured crisis to delay and even prevent cargo ships from transporting goods into and out of America.  Retailers are already talking about toy shortages, and some even warning of a pending food supply shortage.  Is this the modern day “Boston Port Act?”
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While the circumstances seem eerily similar, one has to wonder if today’s administration end goal is the same as that of the British Parliament: to starve the people into submission and compliance.
Perhaps if we had been teaching American History instead of a Marxist political agenda we would’ve seen this coming and prevented it or at least been prepared for it. 
“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.”  Patrick Henry, 1775
It’s not too late to learn truth and win the battle for Liberty peacefully.  Join now and get armed with truth to win the war for the Liberty of our children.  Because, those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.