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Biden’s Panic Propaganda

Biden’s Panic Propaganda
By KrisAnne Hall, Constitutional Attorney
biden executive order

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Panic propaganda is a political tool designed to elicit an emotional response rather than a reasoned and factual one.  Panic propaganda doesn’t have to be completely false, as a matter of fact the best propaganda contains a very serious element of truth that is dressed in the most fantastic deceptions causing the people to react in fear rather than analyze in facts.  Biden’s Panic Propaganda du jour is the notion that he is about to sign an agreement with the World Health Organization that will “end American sovereignty.”  It is true that the countries of the WHO are going to meet on May 22 to sign a health agreement.  It is true that the Biden Administration has proposed certain amendments.  That is where the element of truth ends, and the rest is panic propaganda and here is why:

  1. Biden does not legally possess the authority to force the WHO agreement upon America.

The President of the United States has certain authority in foreign negotiations established by Article 2 of the Constitution.  The President does have the authority to negotiate Treaties according to Article 2 section 2 clause 2 of the Constitution.  However, those treaties are not finalized and binding upon the States and the people of America without a two-thirds majority of the Senate:

[The President] shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…”

  1. Without the Senate, there is legally no Treaty.

The President is not authorized to make unilateral “deals.”  As a matter of fact the office of the President was intentionally denied that authority because it was an authority that resembled too closely that of a king.  The creators of our Constitution were particularly concerned about the power of Kings, for good reason.

The [President] would have a concurrent power with a branch of the legislature in the formation of treaties; the [King] is the sole possessor of the power of making treaties. Federalist #69

If there is no Senate, then there is no Treaty.  If there is no Treaty, then the “agreement” is not binding upon the people or the States.  Even IF the Senate would sign on to a “treaty” that would allegedly “end American sovereignty” that treaty would not be binding on the people or the States because the Constitution does not authorize the federal government to control any aspect of America’s Sovereignty.  This fact is codified in Article 6 clause 2 of the Constitution:

…all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby… (emphasis added)

  1. Only Treaties (not agreements) that are made “under the Authority of the United States” (according to the terms of the Constitution) “bind” the States.

Any Treaty not made according to the terms of the Constitution (and every agreement) SHALL NOT bind the States.  Therefore, legally and Constitutionally is it irrelevant what this administration signs.  Legally and Constitutionally it is irrelevant how Congress votes on the matter.  The WHO agreement does not rest “under the Authority of the United States,” therefore the States are not legally or Constitutionally required to follow it.  And in those FACTS rests the solution to this administration (or any presidential administration of the past, present, or future) signing the WHO agreement, or any other like it.

  1. The solution offered to “call you US Congressman” to stop the “signing of the WHO agreement” is NOT the true solution.

As a matter of fact, this proffered “solution” is no solution at all.  It is a distraction from the real and most powerful solution.  In my opinion, herein lies the purpose of the “panic.”  Remember, the purpose of panic propaganda is to sow fear in the heart of Americans and cause them to react as directed rather than to use fact and reason to actually solve the problem.  Using facts and reason, since the WHO agreement is NOT ratified by 2/3 of the Senate and it is NOT “under the Authority of the United States” the “States are NOT bound” to it.  Therefore, the solution to this WHO agreement problem doesn’t begin with the US Congress, it begins with your State and local governments. 

  1. It is not a reasonable and efficient use of our resources to “call our US Congressmen” to stop the Biden Administration from signing this agreement.

Misdirecting the people to a federal non-solution has its benefits for those in the federal government.  It keeps false power in place, keeps the people falsely focused upon the federal government instead of their local government, and keeps the people discouraged and defeated, thinking they have no power at all because the offered solution (as the only solution) will not work!

It is a reasonable and successful use of our resources to call, email, and speak to our Governors, State Legislators, and Sheriffs to make sure that they will not allow anything from this WHO agreement, if signed, to be enforced in your State or county.  By shear consideration of population and geography, the people of a State have more access and reasonable ability to influence their State and local governments than the US Congress.

It is highly unlikely that the US Congress is going to listen to the people at this point.  It is highly unlikely that the US Congress is going to do anything at all, except create political talking points.  The Governors, Legislators, and Sheriffs of each State must send a clear and palpable message to the Biden Administration that if this WHO “agreement” is signed the States will not abide by its terms.  They must tell the Biden Administration publicly and in no uncertain terms that the federal government will not exercise any authority deriving from this WHO agreement in their State and neither will the WHO.  THAT is the reasonable, powerful, and successful solution to this WHO agreement problem.

  1. Why aren’t the American people being directed to the most factual and successful solution?

 I will let you ponder that question.