Toxic Masculinity and Feminism’s Great Lie

I recently ran across a video of Dr. Jordan Peterson taking questions from an audience on a college campus when a young woman asked Dr. Peterson what his solution to ‘toxic masculinity’ was. Before responding to her question, Dr. Peterson asked her to define the term. He claimed he wanted to ensure he was accurate in his response. That being said, I am 99% positive that Peterson did this simply because he knew she couldn’t. And he was right.
She stuttered, she faltered, her face went blank. As I watched her trip over herself trying to answer an unanswerable question, it hit me:
In the micro, not only was this mal-informed woman unable to define a term she herself just used and it was damn funny to watch her struggle. He stopped her premise in its tracks by one simple question.
But in the macro, her inability to define her own term implies a larger truth: that Toxic Masculinity doesn’t exist at all except as a limp rhetorical bludgeon to hammer away at the values of Western Civilization (ironically which includes universities, ffs). It’s a term that feminists simply cry out like ‘racist!’ or ‘bigot!’ or ‘homophobe!’ but never think very deeply about.
But why?
Leftist women have come to believe through unending feminist brainwashing since birth that, among other ill-founded tropes, what defines a man somehow resides within a framework defined completely in feminine terms. This is wrong on its face. Men and women are different animals. I believe John Gray once made a tiny fortune explaining this little nugget of wisdom.
This is why I laugh when women decry the double standard between men and women regarding their sexual histories: Yes, Virginia, there IS a double standard. The standards are different because men and women, and the expectations placed upon them since 10,000 B.C., are different.
Not to put too fine a point on things, but Feminism, feminists and those who pull their strings have lied to women for generations. It is only now that many women are waking up to their lie, which is extremely gratifying to watch.
Now, as I was creating the first draft of this essay and almost as if on cue, I received a letter from a woman who attempted to silence my masculine and unafraid manner of expression and cage it within her feminine framework. The irony here is that feminists HATE femininity but are all too willing to attack maleness being expressed in a masculine way.
I present her letter, unedited, to illustrate my point:
I’m a patriot and a fan of KrisAnne Hall who has info about your app on her website. So, I was interested in reading your ‘Articles’ on her website. I’m a Judeo-Christian and a US Patriot. While I do believe your app is a good idea and was initially interested in downloading it, I don’t appreciate you calling people ‘assholes’ and degrading people for their not being a Patriot. I strongly believe in what the Bible teaches us about ‘loving your neighbor’ and ‘loving your enemies’. We should beat our enemies through kindness, doing what is right in God’s eyes which He teaches us in His Word, and following our US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and local laws. We should not stoop down to the enemy’s (Satan) level with ‘name calling’ or making fun of them. We should state the facts without colorful commentary which is what our spiritual enemy (Satan) uses. I hope you have a blessed day.
Please allow me to retort (h/t Sam Jackson):
First, what the hell is a ‘Judeo-Christian??’ Do Judeo-Christians go to church or synagogue? I mean, holy hell. Does she really think we’re all this stupid to take this statement and let it pass? Spoiler alert, yes. Yes, she DOES believe you’re that stupid.
Secondly: I don’t believe for a second that this person is a patriot, nor that she values Liberty or Freedom. Instead, it is my very strong conviction that she is an enemy of Liberty and is attempting to cloak herself in the trappings of our movement to hide this fact. Yes, she uses all the buzzwords like “Constitution” and “patriot” but these are merely tropes to falsely establish her patriot bona fides. She might as well tell me how un-racist she is because of all the black friends she has. There are other little indicators in her letter that give away her game and reveal her true thinking, but I’ll keep those to myself.
And I’ll tell you right now that these toothless wolves in sheep’s clothing are exceedingly easy to spot if you’re paying attention. Any time someone is about to lay some bullshit on you, they always preface it with why their opinion matters more than yours. There is a loose script that all good communists follow, and they even use it when their different victim segments are squabbling among themselves! This woman’s email is no different.
The script goes like this: “Yeah, well, as a [insert victim label here], I’m uniquely positioned to tell you that you’re wrong and you’re not allowed to have a different opinion because you’re not a [insert victim label here] like me!
If you read closer in this person’s email above, you’ll notice she uses this script no less than three times! Consider the following:
First she establishes her bona fides (sheep’s clothing):
  • “I’m a patriot and fan of KrisAnne Hall…”
  • “I’m a Judeo-Christian (sic)…”
  • “I believe your app is a good idea…”
And now she makes her argument (the toothless wolf’s bite):
  • “I don’t appreciate…”
  • “We should beat our enemies through kindness…”
  • “We should not stoop down…”
Ronna McDaniel, is that you? I think we have all learned now that we are at war and invocations to respond with limp wrists, comity and losing strategies are long invalidated. Which makes this person’s letter all the more interesting.
The tactic that the letter’s author advocates (comity and being ‘above the fray’) are exactly what the RINOs would have us do. I’m going to go out on a limb here and estimate that this person is NOT a dyed-in-the-wool communist, but rather a Never-Trumping, RINO foot soldier (The NeoCon’s Antifa, as it were) who noticed my presence on a previously identified target of the regime (KrisAnne Hall) and took me as a target of opportunity. No dice, sister. I see you.
Secondly, this person attempts to leverage what she assumes as my Faith against me (Saul Alinsky would be proud) but fails. She parrots platitudes such as ‘love thy neighbor’ to strong arm me into weakness. Understand, dear reader, that when a RINO, communist or feminist is quoting the bible, it is only meant to neuter your righteous defiance against their tyranny. Rules for Radicals enumerates this specifically:
“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
Yeah, well, her use of ‘turning the other cheek’ as some form of limp resistance to tyrannical rule is merely an attempt to get Christians to live by our own Book of rules. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong.
You see, our enemies mistakenly believe that Jesus was some sort of sandal-wearing, 30-something hippy preaching rainbows and unicorns that just ran afoul of the power structure 2,000 years ago. I’m no theologian, but while Jesus preached love and forgiveness, he also flipped over moneychanger tables at the temple, didn’t He? If memory serves, didn’t He also recommend that we ‘sell our cloak’ and buy a…what was it He told His followers to buy again? I daresay that Jesus could be a badass when he wanted to be.
The author of this well-timed letter also tells us that we should revere the laws and ‘follow the Declaration of Independence.’ Excuse me? Follow the Declaration of Independence? Are you kidding me? Have you ever heard any patriot utter such nonsense? Only a RINO or communist could be so ignorant and stupidly assume that we are as ignorant as they!
So, no. I think I’m not going to pay much attention to your email, writer. You have been weighed and measured and found wanting. But I DO thank you for helping me illustrate a point I was already making in a very useful and timely fashion.
Our enemy’s desire is to weaken our resolve and they are attempting it both from within and without. One of their tools is the toxic masculinity trope that only masks their hatred for anything truly masculine: the inherent instinct to fight, conquer and protect.
Refuse to accept their premise, dear reader, in all its permutations. Never allow our enemies to define our nature by falsely (and insidiously) applying a feminine metric to our actions that is only meant to weaken you. Stand Fast.
R. Altomare
Founder, BreathEasy
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