The Deep State – The Lou Bega of Tyranny

The Lou Bega of Tyranny

1950's retro Cymbal-Playing Monkey

The plans our enemies have for us are like a sheet of music with one note on it.  They keep hitting that note over and over and over again and wonder why we don’t bend our knee in compliant bliss. Masks, Lockdowns and Social Distancing, Oh My!

But here’s the good news: the very fact that these wannabe despots know only one way to create power and control for themselves means that we can be ready for it when it (invariably) raises its ugly head yet again (and again, and again) andobliterate it.

Now credit where credit is due! Their use of COVID (if it truly exists at all) as the ‘force majeure’ to get people to take a poisoned injection to massacre the entire globe is the ultimate fake out of fake outs. To be honest, it was a stroke of genius.  The sickness doesn’t kill you, the cure does.  I mean, wow. Congratulations all around.  Mr. Gates, Mr. Soros, Mr. Zuckerberg, you really do deserve all the accolades that hell has waiting for you.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Once We Were Blind…

And the reason their plan worked so well (to our unending astonishment) was because so many of us were blind to the idea that a government would ever try to murder its own citizens. And yet, here we are with “died suddenly” as a cut/paste headline for the past 2 years. Their plan worked perfectly and their hegemonic expectations were very nearly met.

Tuskegee-syphilis-study doctor-injecting-subject.jpg
Tuskeegee Guinea Pigs and Nuremburg Escapee

But there’s a downside for our enemies that they likely DIDN’T see coming or could predict.

While many people believed the lie and clamored to get injected with a deadly poison, it was not nearly as many as their plan at planetary population reduction required.

Just a coincidence these are in Georgia?

While the power that their total control over mass communication (propaganda) is absolute, they simply did not appreciate the viral nature of the Truth itself. And once Truth’s camel nose got under the tent of a person’s mind via memetic communication, there was no getting it out. Doubt begets doubt, and that doubt spreads like a…well, like a virus among a gloriously unmasked citizenry.

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New Tyranny, Same as the Old Tyranny

So you’ve probably seen the rumors swirling around lately that mask requirements and other sundry lockdowns are back on the horizon. This, paired with the recent glamor shot of our President, seems to indicate that our betters figure they know a good thing when they impose one. Time to roll out Old Reliable: COVID Variant number 2,036!

Morris Brown, A Historically Black (aka “Segregated”) College

In fact, some universities and businesses are already requiring masks and shots for their students and customers.  If you hadn’t heard, there’s a small liberal arts college (is there any other type?) in Atlanta called Morris Brown which has already reinstituted mask requirements. These assholes couldn’t wait to regain the control they tasted in the last couple years and the mere whiff of it was enough for them to play their one-note magnum opus: Masks!

They would have beenchomping at the bit to reinstitute this lunacy if only it weren’t for their N95 masks getting in the way. I swear, if I hear the term “flatten the curve” ever again, I’ll start a petition to expel Atlanta from the Republic.

But because our slave masters have already shot their silver bullet of ultimate control via the shots and slave muzzles and it didn’t result in their total control, any attempted replay of their one-note holocaust is doomed to raucous and hilarious failure. 

Try to inject me with a myocarditis and turbo cancer inducing injection once, shame on me.

Try to inject me with a myocarditis and turbo cancer inducing injection twice, I must be a Liberal masochist sheep that does what he’s told.

Now, while the prospect of again seeing Covidiots masking themselves up while alone in their car, Karens acting as volunteer plantation overseers at the local Piggly Wiggly to keep the refusnik bucks in check or meek and horrified sideways glances when I happen to sneeze definitely has my attention, it by no means causes me any fear whatsoever.

Why? Because we already know what to expect and how to deal with it. 

Fear of the unknown no longer rules us; We have already lived through their attempted holocaust and we have emerged stronger and more united than humanity has ever been in Human History. Truly.

As a result of the first round of lockdowns, I built a tool that would scale my personal buying choices to avoid woke businesses to global proportions. I call it BreathEasy. You can think of it as a kind of “tyranny mute” button.

If you’re not familiar with it, BreathEasy is basically Yelp, but for Liberty.  The app allows you to search the database for goods and services and returns the local businesses that provide them, ranked by their BreathEasy Score. Nearly every business on the planet has a BreathEasy score.

Typically, BreathEasy scores are created by users through individual votes. And, in the event you happen to vote a business down, the BreathEasy app provides you a list of nearby ALTERNATIVE businesses that offer the same good or service that have higher BreathEasy scores. No longer must you give your money to businesses for lack of choice or options. We will starve those businesses that happily collaborate with tyranny to suppress your God-given rights as a Human.

  • Mask mandates?  Ignored.
  • Closed businesses? Ignored.
  • Social Distancing? Ignored.

Download the BreathEasy App

Download the BreathEasy App

The Death of Naïveté

You see, the advantage that our enemies had in 2020 was the element of surprise. Nobody thought for a moment that the COVID scare could be a fear incentive to get a poisoned injection. Many of us simply didn’t have the tools or mindset to properly respond as a Free People should. We were naive. But a few years have passed now and there is no hiding the obvious; people are dying from the ‘cure.’

Our enemies have also realized something in the last couple years: their hegemony is not yet complete and the True President is out there in the tall grass stalking. And with the specter of the real president regaining power hanging over their head, they are getting desperate. They realize that in order to save their collective hides, they must introduce lockdowns yet again in an attempt to avoid a DJT Presidency, Part II, The Revenge. The Deep State are, quite literally, fighting for their own stinking, adrenochrome-addled lives,  and their desperation is showing.

But Wait! There’s More!

With the rumors swirling about a second round of lockdowns and mask mandates, we should recognize this as good news! 

As the title of this essay suggests, we are now seeing that our Enemy has but one plan. That’s it!  Lock downs. Mask Mandates. “Another” COVID strain to try to sow fear.  These guys are literally one hit wonders of tyranny. I mean, they couldn’t even come up with a new flag for their latter day brown shirts; they literally had to copy the one from their ‘good ole days.’

Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932

They only ever had one plan (the ‘pandemic’) to institute final, total and absolute control and once they injected their silver bullet and it failed?  Boy howdy, watch out.

Have you ever heard the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that said,

“If you strike at a king, you must kill him”

This booking photo provided by Fulton County Sheriff's Office, shows former President Donald Trump on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2023, after he surrendered and was booked at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. Trump is accused by District Attorney Fani Willis of scheming to subvert the will of Georgia voters in a desperate bid to keep Joe Biden out of the White House. (Fulton County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Does that look like a king who has been neutered? Or, perhaps, does he look invigorated and resolute, now ready to rip out the entire, corrupt system by its roots?

We have reached a significant inflection point, friends, and that inflection has catapulted us into uncharted waters. But take heart! Our enemies have thrown everything they have at both us and our champion. But in the immortal words of Morpheus on the eve of the Machine’s attack on Zion,


Morpheus (Lawerence Fishbourne) stands in front of a massive, diverse crowd of people in a cave co

We are no longer the naïve citizenry that our Enemy first encountered in 2020. We have seen what they are capable of and are immensely stronger for it.

Enjoy the Show


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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Of Melanin and Merit

Many years ago, in a hellhole far, far away, I lived the life of a young single man in Southern California.  One day, a news story appeared recounting a disagreement between two neighbors. The first man installed solar panels on the roof of his home but, after several years, a tree on his neighbor’s yard had grown to such heights (as per nature’s plan) that it inevitably cast a shadow across the first man’s very expensive solar panels.

Grievance Cage Match

And there we had it, a cage match for the ages in the Californian Utopia of Tree Huggers and Sun Worshippers. Two competing favored groups pitted against each other in the most predictable conflict ever.  I think Tina Turner said it best when she said,

“Two self-righteous liberal buffoons enter, one self-righteous liberal buffoon leaves”

And the best part was that it didn’t matter who came out victorious in this rumble in the suburban jungle; the spectacle was enough for me. I was blessed to witness the rare infighting of competing tyrannies (Trees versus Climate) whose motives I both despise.  Whose was the greater cause? Let’s watch!

Affirmative Action, Deactivated

Fast forward 25 years and the United States Supreme Court recently ruled that colleges can no longer use race as a metric when determining college admissions. As you might imagine, the Left has gone absolutely apoplectic (do they have any other emotion but outrage?) about this infringement on their ability to create “special rights” and favored demographics.

In fact, Leftists have declared that blacks and other persons of various non-white shades will never be able to compete on a fair playing field, so inferior do these ‘progressives’ believe them to be. Never mind hard work. Never mind sacrifice. Never mind accomplishment. For Liberals, their ‘little brown brothers’ will ALWAYS be ‘lesser than.’ Wow, racist much?

Merit vs. Melanin

The Left’s solution, as we know, is to always ignore merit and reward melanin. Competence simply does not enter into their calculus for personal advancement and success.  And just like the competition between the tree hugger and the sun worshiper that forced a choice between competing tyrannies, the Left decided long ago to also rank races; how positively Hitlerian of them.

A Nazi Anthropologist in the 1930’s

But what those on the Left likely don’t realize is that their obsession with the phrenology of race contains within it a hidden logical gotcha: if a special category is the only metric to judge a person (for a job or college acceptance) and that person fails, does this not logically indicate that the special category in fact predicts failure and not success?  It used to be that grades were used to rank students for admission into their colleges because past performance predicts future performance and the intent was to foster future success.

A New Premise Established

Case in Point: “President” Joe Biden famously chose Karine Jean-Pierre to be his press secretary specifically because she was a black, gay woman.  KJP, hitting the trifecta of grievance categories, by their perverted algorithm, should be the most qualified person on the planet next to Whoopi Goldberg.

In a similar decision, “President” Joe Biden famously limited ‘his’ choices for Vice President to only women of color when he was rumored to be “campaigning” for President in 2020

According to our current “leader,” the fact that these two candidates were non-white, women and gay made them uniquely qualified for their positions. OK. Fine. Let’s run this premise all the way out to the end, shall we?

Question: What happens when people chosen based only by their grievance category utterly FAIL in their job?

Take VPOTUS, for example. Because Harris was chosen specifically for her grievance categories and it turns out that she is an unmitigated disaster, doesn’t Biden’s metric of blackness and woman-ness actually predict failure and not success?

Similarly, because KJP was chosen specifically because she was gay, black and a woman to be President Magoo’s spokesman (a truly impossible job to begin with) and she fails in that position on a daily basis, doesn’t this then logically indicate that we should conclude that black, gay women are inherently unqualified for that position?

Stated another way:

If the premise established by our enemies indicate that blackness, gayness, or woman-ness (if only they could define a woman…) is the only metric for qualification, and the person fails utterly, then should we ever choose a person who is gay, black or a woman for anything ever again?

Consider: if we take our ‘dear leader’ at his word and take his premise seriously, then logically we must either:

  • Come to grips with the unavoidable evidence that grievance categories are a predictor for failure and we should avoid choosing these categories of people for anything OR
  • We come to grips with the idea that color, sex, sexuality and other grievance categories are not a predictor of anything and MUST be thrown out completely.

And this is exactly what the SCOTUS has determined, much to the consternation of groups and organizations who have grifted on this fallacy for decades. Entire sectors of our economy have grown up to service this lie, and we are only now coming out of our dark haze of false qualifications and lowered standards for artificially favored groups.

Now understand, I am not saying that gay people, blacks or women cannot or should not hold these positions.  I am merely taking the premise established by the Left seriously and deconstructing it. Remember, Biden’s string-pullers specifically and vocally limited their choices for VPOTUS to women of color and not the most qualified. We now see the results of this choice to all our shared horror.

The Good News

If we realize that these aspects of a person’s artificial grievance categories are absolutely immaterial to any job then we must find our metrics and predictors for success elsewhere.  And we already know what those are! Simply stated, the best predictor for success we have is simple competence.

Once we begin to focus on that, we will inexorably create a country that is truly firing on all its cylinders and become, once again, the Engine of the World. We will have a population of people striving to actively improve themselves to make themselves worthy of their aspirations and goals and not merely rely on the lottery the grievance category du jour.

Am I worthy of my goals?

Think of it this way: Considering how utterly helpless we all are when flying in an airliner, think on this: Next time you must travel, do you want the blackest, gayest, woman-est pilot possible?  Or do you want simply the most qualified?  I’ll leave this to you to ponder.

Personally, I look forward to the far-off day when our children’s children are forced to look up the term ‘diversity hire’ in some future dictionary, so alien a concept it will be to them. I only wish I could be there when they read this term’s definition. I’m sure they will chuckle quietly to themselves and ask, “What? They really DID that?”


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy


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Trump, Tate, Rogan and Peterson – The New Avatars of Masculinity

The New Avatars of Masculinity

Have you ever noticed that young men and boys only have fictional characters to learn the masculine ideal from? Besides their fathers, if they are still in the picture, the primary examples for boys on how a man should act come from fictional characters like Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker or James Bond.

Why is that? Where are the real men accomplishing real things in the real world in real time that little boys can look up to and learn from? Could this be one reason that young men have extended their adolescence? Because they only have comic book heroes to emulate?

Learning to be a man by emulating real men doing real things in the real world has been replaced with fictional men doing fictional things in a fictional world (until Kathleen Kennedy replaces that toxic male character with a female character playing a caricature of what they think men are – GIRL POWER!). 

Emulating fictional men as if they were real is also inherently dangerous because it puts the definition of masculine traits at the whim and fancy of the creators of pop culture and not actual examples of the masculine ideal.

But how did this happen?

Show me what your enemies attack and I will tell you what your enemies fear.

I propose that our enemies fear masculinity itself.  Their attacks over so many decades through any number of vectors have been dedicated to diminishing or outright removing true masculinity from every aspect of our culture.

And no, I’m not claiming that the enemies of Liberty fall upon their fainting couches and clutch their pearls at the site Fabio or Rocky Balboa. What I am saying, however, is that our enemy fears what masculinity is innately capable of.  Real men exhibiting true masculine traits are a threat to our enemy’s ultimate purpose: control.

And what is that singular ability that masculinity embodies? Is it beating women in swimming competitions? Or maybe it’s that we can opening pickle jar without pulling a muscle? Not quite.  

Men’s superpower is that we have the singular ability to say, ‘no.’

  • Men are explorers. ‘No’ to limitations.
  • Men are philosophers. ‘No’ to ignorance.
  • Men are entrepreneurs. ‘No’ to complacency.
  • Men are warriors. ‘No’ to injustice.

Men are risk takers, plain and simple.

This, of course, poses a problem to our Imperial overlords. Slaves who excel at saying ‘no’ don’t make very good slaves, do they? Therefore, any fight against tyranny that masculinity might inspire or demand must be bred or beaten out of the disobedient man.

We saw a good example of our enemy’s attempt to beat the fight out of men when they charged Kyle Rittenhouse with murder in 2020. He was meant to be an example to anyone else who might also say ‘no’ to the destruction of their home. Or, more recently, Jordan Neely; the former marine who saved an entire subway car’s passengers when he said ‘no’ to a homeless maniac threatening violence.

But here’s the hysterically ironic part of the Rittenhouse/Neely examples: Our enemies succeeded.  Rittenhouse and Neely’s actions were examples to millions of men about how we SHOULD act when threats present themselves to either our home or our tribe. We say ‘no!’

Notwithstanding punishing masculine instincts, masculinity has also been systematically bred out of our national character for quite a long time. Little boys are taught to be sensitive, ask for permission, seek approval.

Mother, May I?

But here’s the good news. We can remember our nature and there are men out there showing us how to do it. No longer are we relegated to the meager gruel of limp and inconsequential examples of manhood. All it takes is an example to emulate and then practice, that’s it.

The internet age has given voice and reach to new, real life, examples of maleness. The fake and plastic heroes we have now can finally be replaced with real men doing real things in the real world taking a real stand.

I call these men the new avatars of masculinity. They each individually illustrate the different facets that make up the masculine ideal. As our culture continues to define down the masculine into a harmless eunuch, these men have appeared within their own spheres as examples of what TRUE and REAL masculinity looks like. These men are:

  • Dr. Jordan Peterson – The Intellectual
  • Andrew Tate – The Warrior
  • Donald Trump – The Entrepreneur
  • Joe Rogan – The Adventurer

Each on this list represents a different facet of the larger masculine identity that lay hidden within each man. Each of us contains differing amounts of each of the characteristics that these avatars embody. If Myers-Briggs were to invent a personality test for men, these four avatars would form the four corners of the masculine identity.

So where does this leave us?

The time is now to remember and exercise your male identity. Leverage your God-given strengths of the masculine and simply begin saying, ‘no.’ And your practice runs don’t have to be Earth-shatteringly large. Small steps lead to big steps. Get comfortable with the word, enjoy its use; revel in it.

It does not matter that a lion’s mane has once been trimmed, he is a lion nevertheless, even if he has but briefly forgotten.

Pick your avatar, brother, and emulate his example.

Men! Ye be lions!


R. Altomare

Founder, BreathEasy

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