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"No people will tamely surrender their Liberties...
when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved"
- Sam Adams


Free Course
Constitution Week

September marks Constitution month and we celebrate the signing of our Constitution on September 17. Start a tradition with your family and friends, celebrating our liberty through these 6 short videos on the history and origin of the Constitution, the Preamble of the Constitution, the powers of the President, the Legislature, & Judiciary, and the Article 6 clause 2: The Supremacy Clause.

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So where do we go? Where does the solution lie?

Certainly there is no single magic bullet, but there is a framework within which the most powerful solutions can be found. In this book I will describe that framework for you and lay again the solid foundation upon which the people’s power rests. Make no mistake, the principles that built America were centuries in the making. The framers used hard-won wisdom to lay the foundation of one of the most prosperous and free nations in human history. Yet, some of the most significant blocks of truth have been ripped from the foundation of our understanding and as a result, the great house that is America is being torn down brick by brick. It’s time to rebuild and we must start with the foundation.

“KrisAnne Hall magnificently and judiciously lays out the principles which the founders used to develop our Constitution. Sovereign Duty has succinctly armed me with the necessary information to properly articulate the designed relationship between the several states, as well as the principle-deputy relationship between the states and the central government. It is my highest recommendation that all elected officials read, grasp, and uphold the essential foundations presented in this book - the existence of our republic depends on it.” Jay W. Steagall, Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 43; Chairman, States Rights Committee

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