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Build Ye an Ark

Noah's Ark Noah and his Ark full of animals during the flood noah ark stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

So, the Supreme Court has decided to put Donald Trump back on the ballot. Cue the gasps and groans from the apparatchiks of the Cabal. In fact, their predictability is almost boring by now.  Keith Olberman specifically called out the Communist justices by name (Kagan, Jackson and Sotomayor ) to express his profanity-laced displeasure.  This, of course, is telling of their entire playbook; put idealogues on the court as a backstop against the Will of the People and hold them to account if they dare step out of lockstep. Could you be more transparent in your tyrannical aims?

And, as if that has-been Olberman wasn’t enough, untold numbers of media pundits, political figures and Hollywood “celebrities” have all shrieked together as if on cue.  It’s almost as if this was among their last desperate plays to avoid justice. The drama is real, folks. President Trump, the Grim Reaper of the Old World Order, is making a comeback, and everyone who tried to bring him down is sweating bullets. Talk about a gut-wrenching feeling.

You know the old saying,

If you’re going to make a play for the throne, you can’t fail.

Consider what we’ve witnessed over these last 8 years (almost a decade!).  They have thrown literally everything they have at the man (and by extension, us); Russian collusion, tax evasion fraud, Stormy Daniels, the “insurrection”, and even Covid-19. But alas, all their efforts have been about as effective as a Liberal Arts degree.

How is it that every Marxist hero they throw at President Trump is already utterly corrupt and already a criminal? Their hubris to believe that the skeletons in their own closet won’t trip them up and land their own neck on the chopping block?  This should indicate to you how utterly corrupt our Justice System has become; they are counting on it!

Think about it: every hero the Deep State has paraded as the one to take down the MAGA tyrant has ended up facing their own legal dramas. Michael Avenatti, remember him? The legal maestro who promised to bring Trump to his knees on “The View.” Now he’s sitting in prison, reading “The Art of the Deal” for trying to shake down a Leftist Ally, Nike.  And you can be damn sure that Big Fani Willis and Letitia James are looking real hard at the fate that befell Mr. Avenatti. If it were possible to see one’s future, this is how you’d do it.

And let’s not forget E. Jean Carroll, the Hail Mary attempt at accusing Trump of a lingerie section assault straight out of a Law & Order episode (LITERALLY!). It’s like they picked the most delusional play on the playbook and threw it into the end zone, hoping for a miracle. The sexual assault plot straight from a TV show? Really? It’s almost cute how low they’ve sunk.

And here’s an interesting inference we can make by the plays these simpletons are running: The Deep State’s ammo is running lower than a clearance sale at The Dollar Store. They are, in a very real sense, running out of cards to play, which, of course means they will need to invent a new card to lay on the table.

And it is this eventuality that we all must 1) expect, and 2) plan for. We are on a battlefield and we all are combatants, so start acting like it.

As the Deep State faces its inevitable demise, Trump seems to be sitting pretty, knowing their last desperate move is approaching. Brace yourselves, folks and never forget, Noah built his Ark before it began raining. And so too, should you.

PS: In other news, I am working feverishly with BreathEasy app developers and grassroots voter integrity groups to permanently reorient BreathEasy’s mission to be your  tool to report on Voter Fraud issues in the run – up to election day and election day itself. There will be more information in the coming weeks on this, so keep an eye out.

But here’s a sneak peak:

The BreathEasy App will be your tool to report on voter fraud issues at your polling location and report it in real time.  The information you provide will be immediately forwarded to grassroots voter integrity groups for investigation and follow up.  All the same functionalities will remain, such as taking pictures for photographic evidence and new tags will also be created so you can classify the sort of fraud you are witnessing.

Stay Tuned!

If you lead or are a member of a Voter Integrity group and you’d like to learn how to get access to the fraud report database, please contact me directly at