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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

I have some humor to share with you to start with. When I first logged into Facebook this morning I got one of the best laughs of my life Now you know what my opinion is about the establishment and especially the establishment Republicans. So can you imagine my reaction when right there on my Facebook News-feed was a picture that I originally thought was doctored with Photoshop. I had to check it out, so I clicked on it and immediately got taken to John Boehners Facebook page and there was a picture of Obama sitting behind his desk with his phone and a pen with a caption of; “President Obama has his pen and his phone” but beside the picture of the captioned picture of Obama is a picture of John Boehner holding up a copy of a pocket Constitution that ways “We Have the Constitution.” Guess Boehner doesn’t know there are 1000 comedians out of work. But there’s more.