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Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the last of documents in the genealogy of our independence. The first being the 1100 Charter of Liberty, the 2nd being the Magna Carto of 1215, the Petition of Rights of 1628, the Grand Remonstrance of 1641 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689. All of these led to the 6th document in the roots of liberty, the Declaration of Independence and this is the topic of this Podcast. You do not want to miss this episode.

Roots of Liberty Part 2

This is part 2 in the Roots of Liberty series.  The 1100 Charter of Liberty Henry made a promise that Kings will no longer be evil and oppressive and vowed to end all oppressive practices. He mentions the inheritance tax as evil and oppressive. He also equates that men who make the laws consider themselves above the law that it too is evil and oppressive. So ironically we have a king in 1100 that had a better understanding of liberty than Congress or most of our politicians and if you trade liberty for security then you are saying that it’s ok for the NSA to violate the law. This was yesterdays Podcast and today moving on from King Henry I to John (one of the most evil and oppressive Kings) the people still had King Henry I promise, however in spite of the promise the people still had a problem.