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Immigration: Enforcement Not Reform!

Immigration reform seems to be one of the go-to plays for politicians seeking votes these days. Everyone trots out some plan to integrate illegal immigrants into the tax system in a program that would eventually lead to the possibility of citizenship.  It is hard to see how this is any kind of solution to real problems. Think about this logically…currently illegal immigrants are working in the United States…they are getting paid in cash…they are getting free schooling, sometimes even to the college level…they are getting free medical care…they are getting food stamps, all WITHOUT paying any taxes.  WHY would they volunteer for a program that will force them to pay taxes for a benefit that they already receive?  WHAT is the actual incentive of citizenship?  I know the government has a warped sense of reality, but they can’t actually believe being forced to pay taxes is a BENEFIT!  The catchphrase today is “get them to come out of the shadows.”  What shadows?  They are breaking numerous laws IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! Not only that, sweeping immigration reform is not simply about the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce…it is about ALL illegal immigrants, from all over the globe, to include potential terrorists!

The fact is, we don’t simply need immigration REFORM; we need immigration ENFORCEMENT!    I thought the President wanted us to be more “like Spain, Italy, and Greece”?  What other nation gives a free pass to illegal immigration?  Try to sneak into any other country in the world and live there while breaking the law and see what they do to you…deportation will be a blessing.  Why is it only in America that we solve a criminal problem by making the laws conform to the criminals?  If this is the solution to criminal activity, since we can’t possibly stop people from stealing, why don’t we eliminate the laws that criminalize theft?  The government’s solution to gun crimes was MORE LAWS, why is the solution to illegal immigration ignoring the law?  Oh, that’s right, the Supreme Court declared that there is nothing illegal about being in this country illegally.  Of course, you have to go to law school to get that stupid!

George Washington said in his Farewell Address, “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence…the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.”

Lack of immigration enforcement is the real problem.  It is lack of immigration enforcement that allowed Faisal Shahzad (Times Square Bomber) to attempt to blow up Times Square.  Shahzad was a naturalized citizen, but it is his questionable naturalization process that should sound the real alarm about immigration reform.   Shahzad was born in Pakistan. In December 1998 he was granted an F-1 student visa, a visa requiring sponsorship by and attendance in a college.In 1999 he was placed on a terrorist WATCH LIST. Between 1999 and 2008 Shahzad engaged in documented terrorist activity with known terrorists.  (See CBS News Investigates, May 5, 2010)  On May 1, 2010, after gaining full citizenship, Shahzad tried to blow up Times Square.  That means that neither the Bush administration, nor the Obama administration (if you can call them two different administrations) enforced immigration laws. As a result of the Shahzad incident, Eric Holder held an interview with ABC in which his suggestion was to alter our Bill of rights and give the government more flexibility in controlling our Constitutionally protected rights!

How did a man with known and continued operations with terrorists get full citizenship?  The answer is, improper immigration enforcement, not lack of visas.  In April of 2011, the Government Accountability Office issued the results of an audit conducted on our nation’s visa offices.  They found the greatest discrepancy in the evaluation process of our visa offices was in determining “WHAT LEVEL” of terrorist activity should deny someone a visa!  What in the world would convince a government that it is reasonable to give KNOWN TERRORISTS visas?

Fast forward to the present day.  In January of 2013, the Department of Homeland Security, executed a program called The Global Entry Program that expedites the visa applications of Saudi Arabians.  In this expedited process, the Saudi government helps approve the US Visa’s for its own citizens.  The Saudi applicants then get preferential treatment in obtaining visas and they do not even have to submit to customs inspections when they enter the country!  Did we forget that 15 of the terrorists that blew up the Twin Towers were from Saudi Arabia?  Did we forget that Saudi Arabia has the highest jihad recidivism rate of any nation regarding those released from Guantanamo?  I’m sure we didn’t forget any of this.  But I am sure that because of the corruption of our government they simply don’t care.  It’s all about the government’s agenda (read: OIL) and not the safety of the people.

Our government has become so corrupted by foreign influence that it is no longer concerned with the welfare of its own citizens.  The only thing this government is concerned with is maintaining relations with powerful nations and destroying to the Constitution to maintain its own power.

We are granting visas to known terrorists and at the same time demanding immigration REFORM to allow these people greater access to our country and our Constitution.  Now the GOP is walking down the same path to win back the Hispanic vote from the Democrats.  When will this insanity end? How about instead of throwing the doors open wide on the visa program, let’s have some actually oversight and safeguards on the visa program?  I say let those who wish to become citizens be put in a separate visa program like the proposed Red Card program.  Require background checks, credential them, fingerprint them and track them.  If you are a “good guy” then you shouldn’t mind letting us know who you are and submitting to the rule of law just like everyone else.  How about when an illegal immigrant is arrested for a crime, deport them instead of turning them loose again on the streets?  And for goodness sake SECURE THE BORDERS!!!  What is the point of deportation, if our border is as porous as a sieve?

Enough with the thinly veiled voter drives disguised as immigration reform.  Enough with bowing to Saudi oil interests.  Let’s get the interests of OUR citizens and the defense of the Constitution and the rule of law at the top of the agenda.