Roots of Liberty Part 1

Reconnect with your sense of independence. If you don’t reconnect with your independence and help others do the same than you just might find yourself being randomly searched as you walk down the street as recently happened in Chicago. Or you might find yourself spending a night in jail like a university of Virginia student did. She went to the grocery store to buy some items for a sorority event and as she was leaving, unidentified men jumped on her car brandishing guns, breaking windows and in her terror she called 911. She pulled out of the parking lot and then stopped when police showed up. She thought she was being helped but she was  not being attacked by thugs, she was being attacked by ATF agents in plain clothes with no identifying marks of any kind. We must reconnect with our independence. and if we don’t reconnect on a fundamental level than we’ll never be grounded enough to restore a 1776 level of independence and you could be the next person put in jail for going to the grocery store. Independence was not designed or born in 1776. It was actually given birth in 1100. So listen in and reconnect.