More Government Shutdown Distractions

More government shutdown distractions is like a broken record. Why aren’t we talking about impeaching King Barry, or Eric Holder over Fast  and Furious. We have direct Constitutional requirements! Article II Section IV of the Constitution requires the removal of Eric Holder because of Fast  and Furious. It reads; “Congress shall remove from office all civil officers for crimes, or misdemeanors.” Eric Holder is a civil officer, he has been found in contempt and  that is a misdemeanor. The Constitution leaves no choice. Eric Holder needs to be removed from office and Congress can’t even do that! This is why the government shutdown is a distraction. This is insanity. But no worries the federal government has removed the handles from water fountains so the joggers running along the Chesapeake canal won’t drink from federal water! How much did that cost? Are  you kidding me?