What DC Lies Shock You

After Wieners twitters and Boehners tears and after the birth certificate fiasco you reach the point where everything they say and do is completely ridiculous. What can you believe? I’m not a conspiracy theorists but there are things that I just can’t wrap my brain around. But lie after lie, day after day what do you do? Ridiculous is the only thing that comes to mind and the real question is why do they keep on doing this stuff? I can’t figure it out. Consider the house stenographer and her taking the house microphone. What is going on? We’re so addicted by television and allusion we often can’t tell what is real and what is not. Consider the whole issue with Obama’s fainting lady stunt during a Rose Garden speech. If you haven’t seen the video you can see it here. This is desperation by Obama and for the people who need to support Obama. Make  you ask what do we want as a people? What do we really strive for?