When the Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough where do you go? The going is going to get touch. There will be victories but there will also be setbacks and defeats. There are times you will feel disappointed. There are times when you will feel discouraged. You will believe that you’ve walked enough precincts, or you’ve worked the phone bank more than enough and when that happens you have to ask yourself why you’re in the fight. Are you in the fight for a party, for a candidate, for an issue? If you are than you will likely not have the inner strength to continue the fight. Let me tell you though it’s not about party, or candidate it’s about liberty! And if you think you’ve done your part and you’ve given enough, then remember this. Our founding fathers who fought for your liberty gave their life. Their families had to do on the run. Their houses were burned down, they were tortured all in the name of liberty. So when the going gets tough remember it is liberty that you are fighting for.