What Kind of Government Do We Have?

We became a Constitutional Republic in September 1787. A republic is where the people hold all the rights and delegate power to the government as they see fit. But what kind of Government do we have today? Keep that question in mind. Now I get feedback all the time and recently received feedback from a woman not happy with me, because her husband posted one of my open letters to a Congressman’s Facebook page which resulted in Facebook blocking him. After a little investigating I found that it wasn’t Facebook blocking him at all. Rather he was blocked at the Congressman’s request. So when I ask you what kind of government we have…you know the answer. However, the Congressman doesn’t know the answer. We have Congressman who rules over us like we’re a kingdom rather than realizing we have a Republic. This is where our challenge lies. But there’s more, so listen in and I’ll tell a story about a Lt. Colonel running for President on the wackiest platform you’ve ever heard.

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