Florida Will Be The New Connecticut


Do you Love this Country? Do you believe your right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED?  Then FL needs YOU!  We don’t need another State to fall into line with anti-gun laws.  YOU could be NEXT!


16 States have already passed versions of this legislation!  But Republican Dane Eagle believes that when citizens demand protection for the 2nd Amendment, those citizens are “bullying” their so-called leaders.  Mr. Eagle, however has no problem being bullied by professional lobbyists, nor does he have a problem with politicians bullying citizens.

Rep. Dane Eagle (R) sponsored the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act in FL (HB 733).  This act says no State or local taxpayer funds can be used to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.  Mr. Eagle has now WITHDRAWN this effort to protect the 2nd Amendment in FL, calling Grassroots “INFANTILE” and siding with a pro-gun regulation lobbyist!


Dane Eagle needs to read my article “2nd Amendment for Dummies and Tyrants!”  Link here: http://bit.ly/Oi8AsD


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Email: Dane.Eagle@myfloridahouse.gov
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 Rep. Eagle said in his letter to grassroots organizers that it is:

“infantile to suggest that [2nd Amendment preservation] is not a debatable position”

He then claims that the desire to secure our RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS is not only “infantile and debatable” but a “MINORITY OPINION” in America!

“and even perhaps a minority opinion, in America today”’


Dane Eagle then says he will not support HB733 because the grassroots have been too aggressive with their defense of the 2nd Amendment!  He would rather side AGAINST the people and WITH the LOBBYISTS!

Where does he get this opinion?  From a gun regulation lobbyist pretending to represent the interests of Gun Owners!  Florida NRA members need to know their organization has been infiltrated by a PRO GUN-REGULATION lobbyist who has opposed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act from the beginning, declaring that it would affect federal “positive pro-gun legislation”.  Is THIS the position of the NRA, that the federal government has the ability to INFRINGE upon our right to keep and bear arms as long as it is “positive” gun legislation?  I THINK NOT!  I’m sure former NRA President, Charlton Heston, would BOLDLY tell you that the Feds have NO RIGHT to regulate guns, whether positive or negative.  Many other NRA Leaders have supported and helped pass this legislation throughout the US.  Florida’s NRA chapter is clearly not interested in doing the same, while one of our states is at this very moment being forcibly disarmed.  Mr. Eagle when WILL be the right time to stand?  When the federal agents are knocking on our door, like they soon will be in Connecticut?

Call the National NRA and let them know we DO NOT appreciate an infiltrator working against gun rights!

Phone: (800) 392-8683

In the spirit of Benjamin Franklin, it is time for American Gun Owners to STAND TOGETHER or we shall surely all hang separately!


From: Eagle, Dane [mailto:Dane.Eagle@myfloridahouse.gov]
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014 3:12 PM
To: Grassroots email address removed for privacy
Cc: Caldwell, Matt; Fitzenhagen, Heather; Rodrigues, Ray
Subject: Withdraw of HB733

Members of the *******:

We pen this letter with great disappointment, as the purpose is to inform you that the “2nd Amendment Preservation Act” (currently filed as HB 733) has been withdrawn, and that the policy position will not be pursued in the 2014 Regular Session. The reason for this withdrawal is simple: the tactics and methods used by many grassroots supporters of this bill have unfortunately created an air of suspicion within the Capitol, suspicion that some advocates care less about the 2nd Amendment and more about causing divisions among like-minded people. The old adage, “We can disagree, without being disagreeable,” comes to mind.  We find it timely that Sen. Rand Paul just this week spoke to the issue of language and message regarding support of candidates and issues. The fact is, any chance this bill had for passage in 2014 is no longer realistic. We will no longer allow our names be attached to a bill that has been used as a vehicle to attack and create division amongst our allies.

Our fellow Republicans in the Legislature, believe, as you do, that the right of self-defense contained within the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is an inviolable right, on par with the rights to speech, assembly, and worship contained in the 1stAmendment to the U.S. Constitution. These are inalienable rights granted to mankind by our Creator, and a law of man can neither rightfully abridge them, nor should they attempt to do so.

However, it would be infantile to suggest that this is not a debatable position, and even perhaps a minority opinion, in America today.  Right or wrong, there are numerous restrictions on these freedoms, at both the state and federal level. Any assumption that a challenge to this dynamic would be no more complex than the passage of a simple commemorative resolution demonstrates a gross under appreciation of the challenge.

Frankly, changing the current dynamic will require the conversion of our friends and neighbors with sweet words of collegiality, not the rude hammer of coercion by state power. Laws meant to protect our rights are meaningless if the majority of the citizenry care little for their protection. This is the challenge with which we believe the grassroots can most effectively assist.

As a further note, throughout the last several months, as we attempted to craft a bill which would meet your stated policy goals, conflict regularly arose between your supporters and Florida’s National Rifle Association and its leader, Ms. Marion Hammer. The fact is, the NRA and Ms. Hammer have been a champion for our 2nd Amendment rights for decades. While they are an independent group and able to provide their own defense, many of the protections we enjoy today in Florida come directly from their efforts. Inasmuch as the Legislature has been the vehicle for those accomplishments, we provide a short list for your consideration below:

 ~ PASSED – Nation’s first “shall issue” Right-to-Carry law
~ PASSED – Firearms Preemption to Stop Local Gun Control
~ PASSED – Right-to-Carry Reciprocity law
~ PASSED – Protection Against Expiration of CW Licenses for Active Duty Military
~ PASSED – Hunter Protection law
~ PASSED – Protection From Shooting Range Closures for Noise/ Nuisance
~ PASSED – Protection From Shooting Range Closures by Government Environmental Lawsuits
~ PASSED – Gun Manufacturer Lawsuit Protection
~ PASSED – Restoration of Castle Doctrine Protection
~ PASSED – Stand Your Ground Protection
~ PASSED – No-Net-Loss of Hunting Lands
~ PASSED – Hunter Voter Registration
~ PASSED – Right to Carry in National Forests
~ PASSED – Gun Registration Prohibition
~ PASSED – No Confiscation of Firearms During State of Emergency
~ PASSED – Penalties for Local Governments who violate Gun Rights
~ PASSED – Protection Against Doctors Violating Gun Owners Privacy Rights
~ PASSED – Numerous Fee Reductions for CW License Holders, etc.

 These protections of our rights did not come without considerable effort and their continued upholding will not come without a commitment to our principles; a commitment which we believe the majority of the Florida Legislature shares.

We hope that this message is received in the constructive manner with which it is intended.  We look forward to working on this issue in the future.

God Bless You and may God Bless the State of Florida.


Rep. Dane Eagle
Rep. Matt Caldwell
Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen
Rep. Ray Rodrigues