Florida Dreamin'



GOP Gov. Rick Scott and GOP-controlled Florida legislature has passed OVERWHELMINGLY in-state tuition for ILLEGAL ALIENS. The Bill was driven by GOP Leader Will Weatherford from Wesley Chapel. Illegal aliens will now be eligible for benefits traditionally reserved for citizens who possess legal residence in the state and which are not available for those from other states who are actual citizens. In other words Rick Scott and the Republican leaders of Florida have aligned themselves (again) with the progressive politics of the Obama administration. I mean really, why do we even need a Democrat party when the progressives can get the GOP to carry out the progressive agenda for the sake of political expediency (just to get votes)?

By the way, the bill violates federal law, Section 505 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, 8 U.S.C. § 1623. Hey Mr. Gaetz, I thought nullifiers should in your words “be shot or hanged”? Should we put you on suicide watch? Just asking… And oh yeah, it also violates the Florida DOE requirements for proof of residency. Class, can you spell lawlessness? Repeat after me, G – O – P.

The Florida Grand Ole Party in Tallahassee actually believes that the Hispanic community is going to vote for them (that’s 14%). What percentage of their base do you think they will lose after this stunt, not to mention some of the other shenanigans like arresting Sheriff Finch for supporting the second amendment? I bet they will lose more than 14% (as if they were going to gain ALL or ANY of the 14% anyway). But who cares about fanatics who believe that the rule of law is being swept away like yesterday’s dust at least, ThinkProgress is excited about this move, right Rick?.

This is not strong, principled leadership. This is pandering, plain and simple. This is lawlessness, just like the FEDs who choose not to enforce immigration law, but instead adjust the law to align with lawlessness and encourage MORE lawlessness. Is this what Gov. Scott meant by Let’s Get to Work? Let’s get to work assaulting the 2nd amendment? Let’s get to work pandering to the lawless? Let’s get to work throwing open the borders? Apparently the answer is yes, since Gov. Scott says he has ALWAYS supported this. I thought he was intent on attracting jobs, not attracting more illegal immigration. You think the immigration system is broken? Here’s why, the politicians spend every election cycle shredding the immigration laws. When their seat on high is on the line, some political operative convinces the politician that all the Hispanic Democrats are going to see your good will and run out and register with the Republican Party and vote you back into office. Perhaps the Rubio campaign is now advising Rick Scott and the Florida legislature. Oh well, I am sure Gov. Scott will have plenty of time to consider his re-election strategy after he is evicted from the governor’s mansion in few short months.

I hear many pundits talking about the great GOP victory that’s coming, despite the fact that they have no articulated vision for America other than “we don’t like Obama.” But rest assured, the one consistent talent the GOP has demonstrated is that it is incredibly adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I suppose Florida is just trying to lead the way. A person would almost begin to think that some within GOP leadership are intent on moving the nation in a steady path to the left. Hmmm…