Losing The First Amendment


The government will NEVER come out and repeal the 1st Amendment. They will never even suggest we modify or amend it. What they will do is declare that we are not “defining” it properly and they will happily provide us with that definition. We were warned this would happen in Federalist Paper 84. Alexander Hamilton, suggested that if we made a list of Rights, the government would use that list to destroy our liberty. He said, “What signifies a declaration, that “the liberty of the press shall be inviolably preserved”? What is the liberty of the press? Who can give it any definition which would not leave the utmost latitude for evasion?”

Let me repeat.They will not TAKE our 1st Amendment, they will simply “redefine” it. They will chip away at every opportunity while appealing to our sense of fairness, justice or simply to our emotions. MAKE NO MISTAKE that is what is happening now…

Headline: Dick Durbin: “What is Press? We need to ask 21st century questions about a document written 200 years ago.”

Headline: Diane Feinstein: “Only government approved journalists get 1st Amendment protection”

Headline: Tim Tebow open about his faith…critics crucify him.

Headline: Miami Dolphins fine player and send to sensitivity training for tweeting opinion about homesexuality.

Headline: FBI investigates protesters at Bundy ranch.

Headline: Mrs. Sterling must surrender her property because her HUSBAND makes racist comments.

It is NEVER an open attack. It will be done through manipulations and subversion. When your 1st Amendment is taken, they don’t cut out your tongue, chop off your hands, or imprison you…first.
No, first they CONVINCE you that your thoughts and speech are bad and the government must protect you, your religion is intolerant and must be silenced and your neighbor is a terrorist or racist and you are guilty by association. Then they get YOU to limit yourself. You then can be convinced that Slavery is Liberty, Evil is Good, and government is always working in your best interest. When they convince you to censor yourself, you are a slave and don’t even know it.
1st Amendment. Use it or lose it.