Sowing Seeds of Liberty

th380x380I love being able to talk to people about our amazing heritage and the Liberty we’ve received from God. I’m always looking for the door to open so I can educate on these founding principles. I recently flew from Jacksonville, FL to Islip, NY. Sitting next to me was a very nice woman. You know her; she is your neighbor, your co-worker, your family member. She is the one that thinks this stuff is boring, government is working for our best interest, and if she just lives a quiet simple life everything will be ok.

I happen to be working on my new book and my computer must have caught her attention. She asked me if I was an author or an editor. *Knock, Knock* I laughed and told her both, because I publish my own books. She then asked me what kind of book I was writing. **The Door Swings Open!** I told her it was a history book that educates about today’s solutions to government problems. She asked me if I was a professor or if this was a text book. I told her all about the Liberty First mission; how I teach the history that has been buried, avoided, and rewritten. I explained how it’s our failure in knowing and learning from our history that has resulted in our current government crisis. She agreed with me that we haven’t been taught history properly and that our education system is lacking. I shared with her that in the last two years I have taught Supreme Court justices on the State level and men and women with Ph. D. degrees in American history, sociology, and political science who all confessed that they learned more in the first hour of my training than in their entire education. That is not bragging on me, that is an indictment upon our education system. She said she was surprised but not overly shocked.

I told her that I teach the history of the Constitution, where the principles came from, what they mean, how the Constitution is supposed to work, how we are not using these principles properly, and what we can do to fix the errors. She said that she was a dental hygienist and she didn’t know much about the Constitution, but didn’t think that it impacted her life very much. I told her that it was about to impact her life, through the Affordable Care Act. She immediately agreed and said that the Healthcare Act was making things very complicated at work. At this point I have her full attention and seize the opportunity to explain the “compelling governmental interest” effect and how the Affordable Care Act will allow the government to control every aspect of our life; from the food we eat to where we live and work. She is now looking at me wide-eyed. She turns her head back to her knitting and says, “Well, I’m sure it won’t get that bad.” I asked her if she was aware that the Conservative Republican House passed a bill in 2012 that put the Department of Homeland Security in charge of our farmer’s markets and backyard gardens. She threw her hands up into the air and said, “I don’t want to know any more!” But then she turned to me and said, “What do we do about this?”

I explained that I used to feel just like her, but then I realized that we are responsible for making sure our children and their children have their God given rights. I believe this level of government control will put my child in bondage. That is why I teach what I teach. I showed her how our framers warned us that if we didn’t defend our rights, we wouldn’t be the only ones to suffer. Alexander Hamilton said our “children’s children will curse us.” I don’t want to leave that kind of heritage. She looked at me very concerned and said, “neither do I.” She thanked me for my efforts and took information about my website and radio show. Will she go to my website? I have no idea. It is not my job to MAKE her learn, it is only my job to make her thirsty for knowledge.

I have planted a seed. Mission accomplished. But, I have now sent her to you. You can now take the opportunity to water that seed and watch it sprout. Will you pick up the watering pot and encourage her in this truth? Or will you allow this fertile ground to dry up through the wind of MSM propaganda and government created prosperity that breeds apathy? I am not focused on “fixing” politicians. Through experience it has become undeniable to me that politicians don’t want to hear from me and they don’t want to know the truth. My goal is to plant the seeds and watch the Roots of Liberty grow among the people. Together we the people can restore Liberty. Together we the people can save our children from bondage.