Republicanism And Representation

Guest Blog by Robert Townsend


ladyAm I the only one to notice that when a Democrat-Communist attempts to win an argument, they will nearly always call out their opponent as a racist, bigot or homophobic? Have you also noticed that these insults to our intellectual honesty are, in nearly every instance, levered against the People and almost never against a sitting Representative or Senator?

Why is that? Why must the People suffer the slings and arrows of these weak-minded accusations, but our elected officials never? Are our Legislators not also our Representatives? Should they not represent most facets of their constituency?

I will put it to you today that the reason is because, at their core, the Democrat-Communists do not believe in representative government. I understand that this root cause is not readily apparent. Please indulge me as I explain myself. king

It appears that those who would launch these epithets against those undeserving of them wish only to establish a ruling class whose interests remain with themselves. A simple observation of the world’s current state of affairs will demonstrate just how successful these fools have been.

marieYes, I will agree that there are those who might say that the reason the Democrat-Communists do not label their colleagues in Congress as racists or homophobes might be because of their “professionalism.” But is this plausible? Do you really believe that the same congressmen who have sold out the People in exchange for limo rides and nights out at the Kennedy Center have any measure of professionalism at all?

Further, why would a Democrat-Communist attack an ally to their cause? This also must be said: Things are the way they are because our ‘representatives’ wish it to be so. Instead of blaming the President (of any stripe) for the woes of the country, perhaps a better question might be, why are our state governors and legislators even listening to the flood of Federal mandates any longer? The answer is simple and apparent and you already know why…

No, we must be reminded that the GOP and Democrat-Communists are on the same side. As such, the People are no longer represented by their government. If we are to believe that the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, is it now correct to say that the government no longer has our consent? You already know this answer as well.

If the government no longer has the People’s consent, then it is, by definition, an outlaw government.

I posit that any outlaw government, no matter the lying veneer of a ‘fair and uncorrupted election,’ has no authority, at any level, over any citizen where ever he may be found.

Back to the original question: Why aren’t Congressmen accused of being racists? Or homophobes? Or bigots? aliceThe answer, as stated above, is because the Democrat-Communists do not believe that the people should be represented at all within their own government.

Consider for a moment this hypothetical: Imagine a 51st state wherein every resident of that state voted in every election. Moreover, these elections were unanimous with 100% of the constituency voting for the same candidate; every election a landslide, every election fair, every elected official a true and accurate representation of the people who voted for him. But there’s only one problem: every resident of this 51st state believes that one race is superior to another; Racists.

Every resident voted for the candidate who best represents their views on everything, to include their racist beliefs. Even though real racism is abhorrent in a civilized society, in a Representative Republic, do not
the residents of this 51st state deserve a congressman who actually represents their interests, no matter
what they may be and who will advocate on behalf of his constituents’ racist beliefs?

romeAnd this is the point of this essay: by calling the people racists and specifically excluding their representatives in their accusation, the Democrat-Communists tip their hand and provide a small window into their true beliefs.

These fools have the expectation that the newly-elected congressman will/should act counter to his constituency’s beliefs and wishes! Every time a Democrat-Communist accuses the People of racism, bigotry or the next issue du jour, they are indirectly admitting that they do not believe in Representative Government at all.


If this is the case then, is it not our responsibility to banish those who do not believe in the most basic of principles of self-tardetermination and sovereign liberty? Are we obligated to take within the American bosom outsiders who do not share even the most basic belief that we are not slaves?

Further proof of this anti-liberty attitude by the Democrat-Communists is the exaltation that Mr. Obama, or Mr. Roosevelt, or Mr. Wilson (or whoever the next appointed King is to be) is the “smartest man in the room” and that he will lead America to a Utopian future of sugarplums and free medicine for all.

My point here is that, by these statements and spin, the Democrat-Communists place one man onto a pedestal above all others. By doing this, they completely relieve themselves of their Constitutional duty of self-governance. They opt to choose a King rather than a true representative of the Nation. Normally this works out well for members of the royal court and sundry hangers-on, but what of the citizen serfs, those far away from the halls of power and influence?

Looking at it from a different perspective but ultimately leading to the same conclusion, shouldn’t a country of dunces have a dunce to represent them on the world stage? And when a king or president is chosen that is contrary to the Conventional Understanding of the population, does this not imply
corruption of the highest order?

When next you observe yet another vacuous talking head exclaiming that some group is racist, or is comprised of bigots or is homophobic remember that that wretched soul is actually arguing for the re-installment of a king whether he realizes it or not.

By making his claims, he admits he cannot govern himself and has no interest in freeing himself from the invisible bonds of servitude. His claims that you are racist demonstrate he would rather be a slave to a system of rules, regulations and fickle fads. He has not the capacity to decide for himself his own path.  These poor souls are to be pitied, not argued with.