And We Repeat Our Mistakes…

Please explain to me WHY when Americans protest and plea for our Liberty as guaranteed by our Constitution and all Natural Rights, our pleas are disdainfully rejected and our own government calls us domestic terrorists. The president even says our cries of tyranny should be completely ignored as ridiculous.

Yet, at the same time, every thug, criminal, and worthless incendiary, who, taking advantage of our government’s negligence, crossing the border with a tale of accusations against his foreign government, is heard with attentive and compassionate ears and rewarded with some token of government favor?

HISTORY REPEATS!  Mercy Otis Warren said this about the crown in 1768. I just put it in modern English.

Here is Mercy’s exact quote:

“…their addresses were disdainfully rejected; the king and the court of Great Britain appeared equally deaf to the cry of millions, who only asked a restoration of their rights.  At the same time, every worthless incendiary, who, taking advantage of these miserable times, crossed the Atlantic with a tale of accusation against his country, was listened to with attention, and rewarded with some token of royal favor.”  Mercy Otis Warren, History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution, 1805.

Arise America!  Learn your history so we can stop repeating these mistakes.  We will continue to live under a federal government thinks itself to be King, until We The People begin acting like a Republic.  Remember we created a government that was supposed to be instituted “among men, deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed.”  We must stop consenting to be ruled!  How is it that we are a government who only has power through the consent of the governed, yet when we protest and make our discontent known we are labeled as terrorists and seditionists? A government cannot preserve your Liberties by simultaneously infringing on them!

Time to stand.  Time to refuse consent.  Time to resist.  Time to refuse to comply.

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