Of Kings & Presidents

james and obamaPresidents (yes that is plural) exercise MORE POWER than Kings!

As a matter of fact, the last British King to issue an executive order was James II in 1688. That action was a catalyst to a revolution in Great Britain called the “Glorious Revolution” and brought the British people and the founder of our union a very important Liberty Charter called the English Bill of Rights.

What was James II doing? The English Bill of Rights asserts that James was COMPLETELY DESTROYING Liberty by “writing law, overturning law, and setting aside law” when that power was reserved to Parliament alone! The King was violating separation of powers and stealing power from their legislative body.

In 1688 that was grounds for WAR. In 2014, Congress says they are going to SUE the president.

This proposed law suit is in one of the most worthless and frivolous actions our Congress has ever proposed. Suing the Executive branch in a court stacked with judges by the executive branch is frivolous and DANGEROUS!

What will our Congress do when these courts rule, based upon PRECEDENT-not the Constitution- that this President is operating under proper executive authority?

Because they are too ignorant and too spineless to do what the Constitutional demands in Article 2 section 4 (Impeachment), they are going to establish through the court system that the President has UNLIMITED POWER.

How is it that the people of 1688, with no internet, no CNN, MSNBC, no FOX NEWS, KNEW that when the King stole power from the Legislative branch that was the COMPLETE DESTRUCTION of Liberty and today, we literally do NOTHING!

It is time for We The People and our States to RISE UP and oppose this madness. It is time to STAND for the Constitution and DENY the federal government’s use of unlawful power.

We must STAND NOW or declare our Constitution DEAD at the hands of the very people we elected to preserve it. Stand now or forever hold your peace as you watch your children become enslaved.