Just 16 & He Gets Liberty

Meet Jesse. Jesse is 16 years old. Earlier this year Jesse attended one of my workshops on the Fourth Amendment. I remember how enthusiastic he was after the meeting. What I didn’t know was that after that meeting, Jesse went back to his home town and started planning. 16 year-old Jesse organized and coordinated an event for me to come to his community and teach on the history, foundation, and application of our Constitution. He told me that he wanted me to come and teach the Constitution to his community because he thought it would make it a better place to live.
At a time when many think that our young people just don’t care, Jesse says otherwise.

When many “older” people have said they don’t have the time or the ability to coordinate Constitutional training for their community, 16 year-old Jesse stands in the gap. At a time when our Constitution is under attack by our government and it seems that may are unwilling to fight back, Jesse rolls up his sleeves and gets to work.

Jesse told me that I inspired him, but he has it all wrong. Jesse, YOU inspire ME! Let’s continue to encourage these young people. Jesse is just one example. There are many more. I meet them all over this beautiful nation. Our young people do care and they are still worth fighting for!