12 yo Educates Public School Teacher About Government…Teacher Not Happy

gavinws12 year old, Gavin, stood up to his liberal and quite uneducated teacher because of a Constitutional class his parents took him to. Listen to what his mother has to say:

“My 12 year old son is fired up after your constitution class on September 13th. He couldn’t believe there are drones targeting Americans (“you mean like in Captain America, mom?”).

He did a report for school on this article. His teacher told him he was wrong and that they would only target anti-abortionists who want to blow up abortion clinics and that the government needs to protect us.

The teacher was more concerned with who you are. Now this week he was told we are a democracy but he said he will write republic even if she marks it wrong. I am so proud of him for standing up for the truth.” ~Kim Coutinho

I am so honored to say that it was my Roots of Liberty Workshop that Gavin attended! Yes, a 12 year old boy sat through a 6 hour workshop on the Constitution and LEARNED HOW TO STAND FOR HIS RIGHTS!!

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Thank you God for the power of TRUTH!

I get my greatest encouragement from these young people.  They come to me after the lessons excited about history, wanting to know how they can find more truth.  I had one high school boy come to me and say, “Mrs. Hall you gave me goose bumps!  Why can’t I learn history like that in school?” Another young man said to me, “Mrs. Hall, I want to be president one day.  After what you taught me today, I won’t ever let anyone take my rights from me.”  I’m sure you can imagine how amazing it is to look into their eyes and hear these words from them in person.

Let us not underestimate our youth.  Let us not teach them lies and then criticize them for believing them.  They are the future of this country.  They are the future of Liberty.  They are ready to bring greatness back to America.  Let’s help them do just that.

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