Is A Real Limited Government Now Possible?

what nowNow that the House and the Senate are controlled by the Republican party, the ought to be NO MORE EXCUSES.

They NOW can, without excuse or obstruction do the following:

  1. Impeach Obama under Article 2 section 4  See Here:
  2. If they hurry they can impeach Eric Holder and Supreme Court Justices for their misconduct!
  3. Defund unconstitutional executive and congressional activity under Article 1 section 7 (with no excuses)
  4. End the threat of Islamic terrorists with clear and concise actions
  5. End the threat of Ebola
  6. Actually have Congressional hearings with teeth and do something about the corruption in Washington, DC.

This could be a major sweep of corruption in the executive branch of the likes we have never seen…  True Limited Government!

  1. All of our NRA endorsed Republicans will end federal gun control laws;
  2. All of our limited government Republicans will succeed in Welfare reform;
  3. All of our Republicans that promised to end Common Core will do just that;
  4. All our prolife Republicans will now ensure the end of federal funding of abortion;
  5. All our free market Republicans will guarantee the restoration of the free market and end to government controlled industry;
  6. All of our Republicans who are pledged to the party of the Constitution (see platform 2102) will now end the FDA raids on Amish Farmers,
  7. End the unlawful seizing of land by the EPA,
  8. End of IRS abuse of civil forfeitures like those used to seize the life savings of the small business owner in Iowa who had committed NO CRIME,
  9. End the United Nations involvement in America,
  10. Restore land to the States and end federal occupation of State land,
  11. End the arming of the executive agencies;
  12. AND YES WE WILL FINALLY HAVE a balanced budget with the end of all unconstitutional spending!

So the million dollar question is…WILL all these things ACTUALLY happen now that the Congress has the power to do them without obstruction, and no excuses?  The answer to that question will only be told over time.  But Patrick Henry said,

“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past. And judging by the past…”

If the past dictates the future, then we are going to see NOTHING change.  This power obtained by the Party will only be used as a tool to garner more power.  The excuse will be quickly given that the power obtained by this monopoly in Congress is useless without out the Republican control of the Executive Branch.  WHEN this excuse is given you will now know that there is no intent for the Republican party to operate constitutionally.  There is no intent to preserve Liberty.  Just an intent to consume power and exert control over the people.  Mercy Otis Warren called these people in 1774, “Prostitutes for Power.”

Over the next two years I predict we will have overwhelming proof that we are ruled by a monolithic party controlled by both the Democrats and Republicans alike.  I pray that there will be a great awakening over the next two years and a glorious revolution of the mind that converts people from a two party slavery into true Liberty of choice.  I pray for an overwhelming movement to…

  • Liberty over Security

  • Principle over Party

  • Truth over Politicians & Personalities.

I will wait and see the next two years play out.  I will pray that I am wrong.  But I want it on record so that those who, once again, held their noses and voted the “lesser of two evils” will see the evidence of their error and we can finally get to work to restore the Republic and the Liberty that belong to our children.