Does The Constitution Work

Inaugural event for Blue Republican Minnesota
Date: Sunday 7th September. 6.30pm
Place: Minnetonka

Featuring KrisAnne Hall, Robin Koerner, and Frank Bibeau

… discussing the topic “Does the Constitution Work?” – from the perspectives of an American, a Brit, and a native American

If you want to defend liberty you have to know what you’re defending. You have to know what liberty is so you can identify those who wish to claim the right to grant liberty to us that they don’t have. It’s not just voting every two years because we all know what can happen once those whom we vote with the expectation to defend liberty once they get to DC.

This 30 minute video of KrisAnne Hall speaking in Minnesota is a rousing rendition of what we are all called to do in defense of liberty. It’s a must watch for any person who wants to protect the blessings of liberty for themselves and their children and understands that it’s not a responsibility they can, or should delegate to someone else.