Liberty Resolution

logo-header-rightHappy New Year Liberty First Brigade!

Let us endeavor to always put Liberty First in 2015 and as James Otis, Jr. said, “let consequences be as they may.”

Let us be dedicated teachers of truth and students of wisdom. 

Thomas-Jefferson-9353715-1-402Let us honor those who sacrificed all so we could be free by picking up their fight for Liberty.

Let us promise to never again vote the “lesser of two evils” and be men and women of principle and moral fortitude.

Let us deny the ignorant and corrupt the power to destroy our Constitution and our Liberty.

Mercy Chains 400Let us refuse to submit to illegal authority and make use of our RIGHT resist all unlawful orders and laws regardless of their source.

Let us never allow the cry of necessity supercede our attachment to Liberty. 

Let us love our Posterity more than our current comfort and convenience. 

prayer request wsMay God bless our efforts to preserve God’s gifts for future generations.