Don't Believe The Media Lies, Americans Are Awesome!

In spite of it all I am truly blessed.  Let me share something, because attitude is everything.

I am currently stranded in Ft. Pierce, Fl.  Last night, after teaching the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County, Fl., my 2004 Chevy Colorado (274k miles!) had a total electrical failure. Dash lights going crazy, no power as I am driving down the road.  I managed to pull into a gas station where my engine completely died.  Two very nice men tried to jump my truck. As soon as the cables were removed, my truck died again.  I am now stuck in a “bad” part of town, an hour away from my hotel. I am alone, my husband is in Haiti, and I am feeling very vulnerable. Can I mention that I really wanted to cry?  But instead I said a prayer for strength and smiled knowing that I am never truly alone.

We have come to call them “Hall Family Adventures;” experiences, good and bad, that will be stories told one day, experiences that we would never have had if we had not accepted this unique way of life.

I called my assistant, Janet, who is more like my best friend than an assistant and she worries about me like a mom.  She gave me Alex’s phone number.  Alex is the leader of the group I just taught and he was happy to come to my rescue.  I was also able to contact my husband in Haiti and he talked to me until Alex came.  (I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband.)

Alex picked me up and took me to 2 Wal-Marts before we found my battery. Walmart replaced my battery for free as it was under warranty.  We changed the battery. The truck started, but the battery light came on immediately. I was able to make it to my hotel in Ft. Pierce about midnight.

I am currently sitting in JJ’S Cafe on Hwy 1, eating a Denver Omelet, waiting for Dyer Chevrolet to tell me what is wrong with my truck.

I am blessed to have a truck that is paid for.  In this way of life I could never maintain a car payment or even find a place to finance me after I told them I work for free, Lol.

I am blessed to live in a day when I can call my husband in Haiti to just hear his voice for love, comfort, and support.

I am blessed to live in America, where the American Spirit drives us to be kind and compassionate to strangers (red, yellow, black, or white) in need.  Americans prove that the media is in the job of lying and deceiving.  We are not selfish bigots full of hate and greed ready to gun down our neighbors. We are some of the best people on this planet!

I am blessed to have been able to sleep in the comfort of a hotel room.  I am blessed to have a place to get my truck fixed. And, as I sit here in JJ’s with tears streaming down my face, I am blessed to have a cup of coffee and a Denver Omelet in my belly.

I am blessed by people like Service Manager, Mike Rivera, at Dyer Chevrolet in Ft. Pierce, FL for his kind help of this woman in distress.  Because of all of these blessings my family and I are able to engage in our mission to restore the American Constitutional Republic through proper education, teaching over 265 classes every year!

Is this life of constant travel glamorous? Absolutely not.  At times it is downright impossible.  But there are people who pray for me and my family all over the world.  Even the bad times are a blessing when I remember WHY my family chose this life.

America is worth fighting for.  Liberty is worth dying for. My child is worth the sacrifice. Many gave their Lives, Fortunes, & Sacred Honor so we could live in the greatest place on the planet. I am just repaying them for their sacrifice. I count myself blessed to be able to do so.  Just another Hall Family Adventure!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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