You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

A guest article by our friend, Robert Townsend.  Will it give you a point to ponder?  ~ KrisAnne


Nothing happens in a vacuum.

When we observe the overt actions of those who would rule us, we must, as humble servants of the State, remember that because of our slatediminished view into our own governance, we are rarely afforded the opportunity to understand the true intentions and motivations of those in power over us.

But in spite of this, we may yet still divine the larger context of the events we observe.  How?  Because nothing happens in a vacuum; motives and actions drive results.  Because of this it becomes rather elementary to infer motives from the results that we observe.

To restate, in order for the American public to understand and properly interpret the actions of those who rule them, simple and dispassionate observation of results will imply our rulers’ motives irrespective of the platitudes and straw man arguments proffered.  A natural corollary to this is that any story or narrative put forth by our rulers is, by default, a lie; a lie made in furtherance of those underlying motives.

And this, dear readers, is the key to understanding and decoding the events surrounding us as the current ‘administration’ enters its purported final days.  Dispassionate observation of the administration’s actions will imply the true intentions and motivations of our rulers in spite of the platitudes they hurl for public consumption.

“…you will know them by their fruits.”

Conventional Wisdom has long held that the Democratic Party, as fractured as it is, generally organizes itself into two general “wings:” The Obama Wing and the Clinton Wing.  What we may be witnessing however is evidence that the enmity between Houses Obama and Clinton is much deeper than what may be apparent on the surface.  How else to explain the slow drip, drip, drip of the illegal Hillary emails from her failed tenure at the State Department?

Consider the opposite:  Were Obama and Hillary a united front, a quick acknowledgement of her ‘poor judgment’ might be offered and the DOJ investigation would be quietly dismissed. The dinosaur media would dutifully provide us with new bread and circuses to distract our attention and the administration would move on to its next priority.

fdrBut that is not what we are seeing at all, is it?  Instead we are witness to a slow and calculated death of Hillary’s political career through the steady and unrelenting revelation of emails and investigation by the Obama DOJ.

Setting this observation aside for a moment and turning our attention to the current presumption of Hillary as Democratic nominee,  we must wonder:  Why is Obama purposefully torpedoing the Hillary candidacy through the DOJ/FBI investigation?  Is Hillary not his desired successor?

All things being equal, one might assume that the Democrat Party would want to continue its reign beyond that of the Obama presidency and install a Democrat in the White House.  In order to do this, shouldn’t the Obama presidency be championing the Hillary candidacy, not sabotaging it through his continued DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Email Scandal?

If this is the case, then it would appear that there are in fact three major political parties in Washington: the Republican Party, the Democrat Party and the Obama Party.

One must now ask: if the desires of the Obama Party are to foil any attempt by Hillary (the DNC) to regain the reins of power, what plansobama fdr does the Obama Party have then?  Give up the fight and turn over power to the Republicans?

Who does the Obama Party want to succeed him if not Hillary (the DNC)?  Where is the Obama heir-apparent?

Who will provide the “October Surprise” for this election?  The Republican Candidate?  The Democrat Candidate? The sitting President?

Do the actions of the Obama Party indicate an as-yet unacknowledged end-game?


Yours In Truth

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