Adventures of A Liberty First Intern

This article was written by Rosalie Beeli, an intern who participated in the Liberty First experience.  I am touched, encouraged, and inspired by Rosalie’s words.  I am sure you will be too.  KAH

My Adventure With KrisAnne Hall ~ by Rosalie Beeli

photo 1A 5 hour drive to Idaho, by myself. Was it worth it? Yes!

2/9/2016 As the 300 conservatives gathered in the high school auditorium I seated myself in between a couple who was just realizing their liberties were being taken, and an army vet who has been fighting for liberty since he decided to homeschool his children nearly 20 years ago. This is one of the wonderful things about KrisAnne Hall meetings: diverse backgrounds unified by a common cause.

The first time I actually met Mrs. Hall was when she called me on stage from the audience to introduce me and another young lady Elizabeth, as her interns to the audience in Payette, ID. After Mrs. Hall finished her presentation Elizabeth and I were thrown into a frenzy of selling Mrs. Hall’s education material. The night ended with the selling out of ALL the materials that Mrs. Hall had brought save 8 T-shirts. When the event finally concluded it was 10 pm and since the hotel was an hour away we didn’t arrive till 11:15 (with a short stop at McDonald’s for dinner).  But before we could crash after a long night Mrs. Hall dutifully set up her equipment for her radio podcast that she would record in the morning. I, on the other hand, was asleep in a matter of minutes!

me rosaleeLet me tell you about myself. My name is Rosalie Beeli, I am a senior in High School and have lived in Utah for the last 4 years but grew up in southern California, yes there can be conservatives in SoCal. I am the middle child of five kids and have been homeschooled my entire life.  As a homeschooled student I have been given the opportunity to pursue subjects that I am passionate about. At the for most of my list is government. My mom was the first one to hear about KrisAnne in Feb of 2015 and it quickly became our morning routine to listen to the KrisAnne Show while we made breakfast. When Mrs. Hall announced she had an intern program we go very excited and I decided to apply. To be completely honest it took months for us to finally get in contact and work out a date when I could intern but it was worth the wait. We finally realized that KrisAnne would be in Idaho for three days. Thus began my 5 hour drive!

2/10/2016  “Rise and shine Liberty loving Patriots!” Was that KrisAnne talking to me? For a moment I thought I was back at home with my mom starting the daily podcast, but as I opened my eyes I was reminded that I was not at home but listening to KrisAnne live, recording her podcast in the hotel room for all of you. This was an especially surreal moment for me as my mom listens to these podcast on a regular basis every morning as she prepares our breakfast. But today I got to relax in bed while listening to one of these podcasts live!

intern pic idahoElizabeth and her brother Bennet were interning with KrisAnne last night and today. We all gathered for breakfast and good chat. Although Elizabeth and KrisAnne knew each other from her previous internship; I hadn’t officially met Elizabeth or Mrs. Hall for that matter! We spent breakfast getting to know each other and the time slowly turned into one of thanksgiving for the blessings we have received from our Savior. And so we had a morning devotional! In retrospect this was a key moment in my friendship with Mrs. Hall as we united under the banner of the Lord and placed Him at the forefront of our journey.

We started getting ready around 10:30, Mrs. KrisAnne took a shower while I ironed her shirt and listened to music. This was actually the moment where something clicked and I began to feel more comfortable and at-ease around Mrs. Hall. I felt useful and she seemed more human. We both listened to music as we got ready; this served as the real “ice breaker”.

idaho protestWe arrived at the Idaho State Capitol and on our way in, we passed 2 people who were protesting the closed-meeting that Mrs. Hall was speaking at. This was the first time she had seen protesters against her teaching so she naturally was a bit excited!

While KrisAnne and Elizabeth went to find the room where she was to speak, Bennet and I stayed back and I approached the protesters to ask a few questions and take their picture with the signs. Apparently these protesters were adamantly opposed to KrisAnne’s teachings, claiming she wanted to take power away from the States and make the Sheriff the highest position of power in America! They claimed they had listened to her podcasts but also stated that she was receiving a huge amount of funding from the ‘Koch Brothers’! It was quite obvious that these people were not educated on matters of ‘KrisAnne’ but it was a cool experience to see that KrisAnne was gaining enough momentum that people would take the time to protest her!

idaho capitolWe had our meeting in the Majority Caucus Room and had Senators as well as Representatives attend, many of them even took notes and made comments during the presentation! This was very encouraging for all of us to see elected officials taking charge of their enumerated powers and not just functioning based on some hidden agenda.

After the meeting with Republican legislatures we headed to lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant and had lunch together. It was a great opportunity to relax, talk and share some laughs together. We also walked over to a shop called the “chocolate bar,” and if that doesn’t excite you….well then you have a lot more problems than just a tyrannical government. 😀 Apparently Mrs. Hall’s one weakness is dark chocolate, so we each got a piece of chocolate and then said our goodbyes as Elizabeth and Bennett headed back home.

KrisAnne and I headed back to the hotel where she had a radio interview and I crashed for a 30 minute nap. Mrs. Hall has got some amazing stamina to be on the go all the time. We got ready for our next speaking engagement and took off about 5, we stopped at a coffee shop for our energy boost and arrived at the local aviation center where the event was being held.

religious libertyThe topic for that night’s engagement was Religious Liberty. I had never hear KrisAnne Hall speak on this subject, but as she did I was adamantly convinced that God has sent her to embody the George Washington, Patrick Henry and Paul the Apostle of this generation. ALL INSIDE THIS ADORABLE 5’ WOMAN!!! I had chills during her entire speech, and what was 1 ½ hours genuinely felt like 20 minutes. (please note, this is coming for a 17 year old girl, to whom time does not fly easily) We had about 100 at that event, about 30 of which had attended the event the night before. We spent some time interacting with people but we were out of material to sell so it we accepted donations and talked.

We left the venue around 9:30 and on the way to dinner KrisAnne was being bombarded by texts concerning the situation in Oregon, apparently she is a member of the Coalition of Western States and is updated on the legal status between those States and the federal government. Anyway, things were blowing up in Oregon and I could tell it was weighing heavily on her mind. KrisAnne allowed me to treat her to dinner at Panda Express and we prayed for the government employees as well as citizens in Oregon. When we got back to the hotel we were both very tired and went to bed.

krisanne-hall-radio-show-video-splash2/11/2016 Thursday morning was much like Wednesday; recording a podcast , going to the gym and breakfast. But we weren’t as rushed today and KrisAnne spent the entire morning on the computer or her phone, concentrating on what she was reading or listening to. Finally during breakfast she went back up to her room to deal with a phone call. I was planning to head out around noon after Mrs. Hall had another radio interview at 11am. However when I went back to our room I found Mrs. Hall on the phone at her desk in a heated conversation.

I sat on my bed and listened as the conversation changed and Mrs. Hall as well as a few other people on the phone seemed to unify in talking to a young man on the other line. I later found out that this young man was David and the call they were on would be known as the Oregon Live Stream. Long story short I was able to experience first-hand the emotional struggle that went down between David and the FBI in Oregon.

Mrs. KrisAnne Hall and I shared a very emotional moment afterward, hugging and rejoicing in the power of God to work powerfully through us as individuals. KrisAnne Hall has allowed herself to be used by the Lord for an incredible cause and her voice has inspired thousands. This is what inspired me as I drove home and what continues to inspire me today as I see deceit and corruption in every aspect of our country. I truly believe that God has gifted KrisAnne Hall for a very specific purpose and I am awed by her passion for liberty and the impact she has had.

Tenth AmendmentThis adventure with Mrs. Hall took place in the middle of the Utah Legislative Session. During this session I reached out to different Senators and Representatives in Utah to shadow them for a day. So from Jan 27th-March 10th you would find me up on Capitol Hill at least 3 times a week, getting to know the Legislators and their staff. Through this experience I was able to develop a personal relationship with the lawmakers in my State. And from my experience with KrisAnne Hall I was able to confidently speak about the nature of our constitution, the sovereignty of the States and the powers specifically given to the federal government. I also got to personally hand out flyers about KrisAnne Hall to more than half of the Representatives in Utah! What was even more amazing is that I knew almost all of them by name.

I have become so inspired by Mrs. KrisAnne Hall and even during this State of unrest and corruption in our country I have found peace in knowing that our Lord orchestrates everything and that as long as we are willing servants He will work through us for His greater purpose.