Federal Judge Declares Constitution Dead

Today, Taegan and I discuss the unconstitutionality of modern presidential elections and get outraged over the declaration of Federal Judge and Law Professor Dick Posner’s statments that the Constitution is Dead!

Here is Posner’s Article: http://goo.gl/Be7uYQ

Here is a video we should send Posner: https://youtu.be/eG2POwIwA8E

Contact Posner:
Chicago Law School:
Phone: 773-702-9608
Fax: 773-702-0730
E-mail: rposner@uchicago.edu

Circuit Court Office: (312) 435-5850

Dean of Chicago Law, Thomas J. Miles
Phone: 773-702-9495
Email: tmiles@law.uchicago.edu

Listen to “Federal Judge Declares Constitution Dead” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube