9th Circuit Opinion & the Texas Solution – SB514

The 9th circuit has lived up to it’s reputation and issued an opinion (not a ruling) regarding the President’s executive order which is totally contrary to the Constitution. This is another example of a growing list of judicial bad behavior. These judges need to be reminded that they are not over the Constitution but under the Constitution. They are to follow the Constitution and absent this should be impeached by Congress. Where’s the check and balance here and what are the consequences if we continue to allow the judiciary to exercise this kind of unchecked power?

The Texas Solution SB514

Contact details for Texas Senator Bob Hall – Call, email, or Tweet your support for Texas Senator Bob Hall and SB514. You can read the content of the legislation by clicking this link. 

  1. Phone: 512-463-0102
  2. Email: bob.hall@senate.texas.gov
  3. Twitter: @senbobhall

Alternatively you can listen to this edition of the “KrisAnne Hall Show” on YouTube