Winning the Battle Over Federal Power

The federal governments march to control more and more of everything we do, every minute of the day is relentless. Their thirst for power and control is insatiable. They’ll never have enough power, they’ll never have enough control until they have it ALL and you are totally dependent on them.

How did it get this way?

In our ignorance we have asked for it. We’ve asked for the defense of marriage when the Constitutions says nothing about marriage. We asked for healthcare insurance and we got the ACA and now we’re about to get RINO Care and because there’s a compelling government interest we’re going to be given the incentive to save on our RINO Care if we voluntarily submit to genetic testing.

The list goes on and on and on and on. If you want to win the battle over federal power, understand that it’s not good enough to post on Facebook, or anywhere on social media. We are in a fight. There is no virtue in being a member of the silent majority.

We’re in a fight and that means getting educated and picking up the gauntlet and engaging ignorance now!

Show References

Genetic Testing  – Preserving Employee Wellness Act, HR1313 – Submit to genetic testing and save!  Who can  resist? Co-sponsored by my that stalwart defender of the Constitution and favorite Congressman Tim Walberg. 

HR133 Sponsors

Here are the four representatives who need to be reminded that the federal government has no place to test our DNA.

Hannah Winthrop – Correspondence of Mercy Otis Warren and Hannah Winthrop

Sovereign Duty the Book by KrisAnne Hall – Sovereign Duty, C-SPAN 

Alternatively you can listen to “Winning the Battle Over Federal Power” by KrisAnne Hall on YouTube