Hate Crimes And Federal Troops In Chicago Part 1- The KrisAnne Hall Show Transcribed

The KrisAnne Hall Show

Hate Crimes and Federal Troops in Chicago: Part 1
July 08, 2017

Transcribed by: Angilyn Mathews

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Intro: Connecting the dots of the Constitution for you like no one else can: The KrisAnne Hall Show. She’s an attorney, a disabled US Army Veteran, an author, public speaker, mother, pastor’s wife, and a Patriot. She’s KrisAnne Hall.

Rise and shine liberty-loving patriots! Welcome to the KrisAnne Hall show; this is KrisAnne Hall; www.KrisAnneHall.com. Liberty over security, principle over party, and truth over your favorite personality. I am hoping and praying that everyone had a wonderful, safe, enjoyable, family fun-filled, Independence Day celebration; just the way John Adams hoped it would be. Should I just read to you a segment of his letter to his wife, Abigail, on July 3rd, so we can understand what an amazing day this was for them, and what it should be for us as well. He says,

“The 2nd day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe,” John Adams says, “that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward, forever more.”

Imagine! Imagine! He even calls it “jubilation” and this is how we’re supposed to have approached that holiday. We’re gonna talk a little bit about that; I hope that we can dispel some myths that I ran across over the holidays, as everybody was producing a 4th of July video, and I tried to watch my share. I hope all of you got to see my 4th of July video. We had such a great reception with that video, I want to thank everybody who’s watched it; who has shared it. If you have not seen it or if you have not shared it, it’s still not too late. You can go to the Liberty First University YouTube channel and see our YouTube video on the 4th of July. Share this truth. It’s gonna be so very important, especially in light of some things that we’re gonna be talking about today….These misconceptions;

But first I want to tell you something very exciting that is happening. Remember C-Span came and taped one of my classes; my Sovereign Duty class. And I think that it’s still up on C-span, I’ll have to look that up. But anyway, this was back in February and they came and taped my Sovereign Duty class and… yep, there it is: Sovereign Duty, February 9, 2017, still available on cspan.org. They have been running it on C-Span Book TV for some time now; more than they actually promised us, so I was very excited about that. But I recently was contacted by C-Span again. C-Span has another television show on Book TV called In Depth. C-Span Book TV In Depth. It’s titled One Author. Three Hours. Your Calls. And guess what?! They have invited me to be on C-Span Book TV, In Depth: One Author. Three Hours. Your Calls. Three hours; an interview for three hours. I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview for three hours. But there’s gonna be; you can go to cspan.org and look up their In Depth television shows.

They actually rebroadcast them there, and you can see what it’s like. I’m excited because there are great, great authors that have been on this program and I feel so very honored; so very excited about being here. Now, this will be; it’s always the first Sunday of the month; and this will be August 6th at 12:00 pm EST; cspan.org, their In Depth series.

I’m very excited about that, so we’re going to be posting; we’ll be sending out a press release through our emails. So if you’re signed up for our emails you’ll get a reminder of that. We’re also gonna be posting it on the website; we’re gonna be posting it on Facebook and Twitter quite regularly, and I’m very excited about what is happening. August is just going to be a really, really fun month.

August is also the day that we’re going to be doing the broadc… the special… what are we calling this now? – The conference. What is the matter with my brain? I think I have post traumatic firework syndrome or something with my brain. But anyway, this coming up August, August 12th, is when we’re having the God, Family, Country, Truth and Liberty Convention in Olive Branch, Mississippi. It will be me, Pastor Dan, and C.L. Bryant. This is an amazing, amazing conference.

Pastor Dan Fisher gives this amazing, reenactment presentation on the Black Robed Regiment. And if you are not familiar with Pastor Dan Fisher, you need to go to www.theresonancemovement.com; bringing back the Black Robed Regiment. What an amazing presentation. I saw this for the first time last year and was just moved. It was so wonderful and I thought to myself, we’ve got to do something together. So, the God, County, Family, Truth, and Liberty Conference will be held August 12th in Olive Branch, Mississippi, right near the Memphis airport. So, if you are not able to drive to Olive Branch, fly. We will have hotels blocked out in Olive Branch, so you need to go to the website which is www.desoto3c.com; truth and liberty. And if you go to www.desoto3c.com you will find a tab for the Truth and Liberty Conference; give you all the details that you need.

I’m sure you all know about C.L. Bryant. I have done many interviews with C.L. He has his own radio show broadcasting out of Louisiana, all over the southwest. He is also the creator of Runaway Slave, a groundbreaking documentary film to teach about the truth of political deceptions within the parties to keep the black people in a slavish mentality. C.L. Bryant is a minister of the gospel; a very powerful, powerful teacher, and he is going to be the cleanup hitter for this three speaker event. I’m really excited too, my husband is going to be the emcee.

So we actually have four amazing speakers, and my husband will probably speak more than the rest of us, given the fact that he will have all that opportunity between every single speaker to get us moving, get us excited about what is happening. This is an amazing – I hope, I pray – life changing conference. This is for family; this is for friends; this is for everyone, bring young and old, we should all come. August 12th, like I said, go to www.desoto3c.com, for information on how to get to that conference.

So, here we are, nearly passed our independence week. And what have we learned? What have we learned? I want to share some pieces of a 4th of July YouTube that I found, that really sort of broke my heart in many ways. I don’t usually leave comments on these things, but I actually left a comment for this person; hopefully to reach her and touch her, and explain to her why she is wrong. Now, the title of her YouTube video is Why black people should not celebrate 4th of July. And I saw that and I thought, “oh please, please let this be a trick headline” – you know click bait headline, where she’s gonna go in and talk about Frederick Douglass, and she’s gonna talk about Crispus Attucks, and she’s gonna talk about George Middleton, and all of the amazing things that black men and women have done for our independence; for the independence of all, and how that declaration was the beginning of that freedom for all.

But it was not; I was not right. This was not click bait; this was not a trick title. She actually believes that the 4th of July should not be celebrated, because at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, black people – all black people – were slaves. And no freedom for the black people was ever accomplished through the Declaration of Independence; through our independence from Great Britain; this is not a holiday that black people should celebrate because the people who signed the Declaration of Independence were the same people who wanted to keep black people as slaves forever. This deception of history that this beautiful young woman has been led to believe as true; the deception is what enslaves her, not the truth. And I just want you to bear with me for a few minutes today as we talk about real truth here; real independence and real freedom.

You know, I believe that we have a solemn responsibility to teach truth with love and compassion in our hearts. We have a solemn responsibility to free people from the deceptions that are dividing America. We are so divided in America today by wealth, by money, by class, by geography, by color, by gender; I mean you pick it, we are divided in America. Just pick your poison; politics – everybody’s got a difference. Now even within political ideologies we have growing divisions. There is nothing more true than “united we stand and divided we fall.” Thomas Paine said, “It is not in numbers that we gather our strength but in unity.” And when we can take – let me put it this way: When there are people who can turn unity into division, how can we make progress in America? Progress comes from unity. Progress comes from a people working towards the same goals. If we are constantly creating divisions amongst each other, how can we create a progress of equality? How can we create a progress of liberty?

That is exactly what the designers of our Constitutional Republic; the founders of our Declaration of Independence were striving for; a unity in liberty for all. When they said, “All men are created equal and endowed by their creator,” they really, really meant that. You know, we’re also going to look at a speech that was given my Frederick Douglass on July 4th. It is an amazing speech where Frederick Douglass comments on slavery; but you know what the most remarkable thing about that is? Frederick Douglass is not putting down the drafters and the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He is not putting down those who created our Constitutional Republic, because Frederick Douglass knew that this was the only place in the world where “liberty and justice for all” was even possible. He starts off his speech with, “Fellow citizens, I am not wanting in respect for the fathers of this republic. The signers of the Declaration of Independence were brave men, they were great men too; great enough to give frame to a great age.” Frederick Douglass understood the principles embodied within the Declaration of Independence; understood the principles that were codified within the Constitution itself; were all things that we should be striving for; not discounting because of someone’s sick revision of history. Because some people in power profit off division, profit off hate, and maintain their power by keeping us divided. Let me share with you just a little clip from this YouTube video so we can talk about this; we can work together to help educate. Because I truly believe that this beautiful young lady; that her opinion is held by many people in America. Black, white, red, yellow, green; everybody. I believe that she has a common opinion and a popular opinion in many parts of America. But we have a duty. We have a duty to be the speakers of truth because we’re never going to gain a unity in liberty until we’re able to approach this. She’s not trying to lie, she’s not trying to profit off deception. She has, herself, been deceived, and it is this deception; this wicked, willful deception perpetrated on our communities, on our children, that keeps America stunted, divided, and in internal turmoil. We must take this with love and know how to respond in truth.

So, her name is Simply Kenyata and she has a YouTube channel. She puts out videos every now and again that represent her ideas, her opinions, and she’ll even say in this video, “from my understanding of history.” This is the problem right, “from my understanding of history.” So let’s listen to her understanding of history:  (20 mins)  Watch the video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/NMlK3rlp3gA

Recording: “What up family? It’s your girl, Simply Kenyata, here. And first let me say thank you for tuning in and allowing me to share my opinion, my perspective with you guys. I wanted to come in here and talk to y’all real quick today because I know that tomorrow is Independence Day in this country. It is a holiday that is very much celebrated by all who live here. And, I just wanted to come in here and talk to you all real quick because I don’t know if you all know, but this is not all of you; this is not everyone’s Independence Day and you know, this is the reason why I wanted to come in here and “boop” burst your bubble real quick. Um, so – especially, especially black people; I’m sorry, if you – you know, I’m not a racist or anything like that, but if you ain’t white this ain’t your Independence day, booboo, I’m sorry. Have a seat, mm hmm. And I’m gonna tell you why you should have a seat. But the reason I want to do this quick video is because a lotta y’all out here are going to be clowning tomorrow. Oh my goodness, please don’t do it to yourself. Um, first of all, let me remind you that black people – your ancestors – was still slaves during this period, what was it, uh, 1776, was the year all this went down. Yeah, from my knowledge, your ancestors were still slaves so, first of all, you ain’t had no independence, or no freedom, so, what you celebrating?” (End recording.)

See, this really breaks my heart when I think about the people like Crispus Attucks, George Middleton, Peter Salem, James Forten. These people who gave; some of them giving their lives so that we could be free. All free black men. George Middleton was not only a free man fighting for our independence, when he was finished fighting her started the African Benevolence Society; a non-profit, if you will, organization that was established to help widows and orphans of the black soldiers who fought for our independence.

How can you claim that all black people were slaves? If I just show you one, that discounts all of them, but there were not just one, there were hundreds and hundreds of free black people doing amazing things. Peter Salem, George Forten, these are but a few free black men that sacrificed so that we could all be free. And this history that miss Kenyata has been led to believe is a history of lies; a history of lies that prevent her from celebrating the liberty that she holds. I really believe, that she still believes, in some sense, that she does not have the liberty that our celebration of independence embodies, even today. Why would she believe that? Because she’s probably been taught in her schools her whole life that, “this does not apply to you”; that “the Constitution does not apply to you.” As she told the people on her YouTube channel, “Independence Day, black people, does not apply to you.” Where would she come up with that idea if someone had not told her? I just, I want us to take just a few minutes on this day to honor those who gave so much for us. And yet, it’s quite obvious that history is denying them the position of their sacrifice.

We should be having holidays within 4th of July; we should be having banners celebrating Crispus Attucks, the first free black man to give his life. He’s not only the first man, but he is the first free black man to give his life for our independence movement. During the Boston massacre, it was Crispus Attucks who was a leader that day in the name of liberty. Can we have, within our Independence Day celebrations, George Middleton feasts? He was a colonel in the militia from the state of Massachusetts. He’s the one that started the African Benevolence Society in 1796 as a free black man.

Peter Salem received a medal of honor and George Washington heralded him as a hero; free black man, serving in the continental army. Ned Hector: free black man. Fought bravely in the battles of Brandywine and Germantown; knowing that this battle for independence would be his independence. James Forten: grandson of a slave, but the son of free blacks. He was a free black boy, standing in Philadelphia, listening as the Declaration of Independence was read publicly for the first time; so inspired by this independence that James Forten, at 14 years old, joined the ship Royal Louis with its captain, Stephen Decatur. He was even captured by British soldiers and given a very attractive offer; the captain of the British ship said, “Come and live and be a companion to my son.” He said, “Sure that’d be great.” No, he didn’t. Cause he wasn’t there for fame; he wasn’t there for riches. He was there for liberty. He told that captain, “I have been taken prisoner for the liberties of my country, and never will prove a traitor to her interest.” These are the words of a free black man who gave up his opportunity of a life in luxury where he would never have to work or do any… he would just simply have to be a playmate to his child’s son and he would be provided everything he would possibly need, and he said, “no, liberty means more than that to me.” He would end up spending seven months in a ship prison hold because he was fighting for liberty.

See, these are the things that we need to be talking about. These are the things that we need to know. As we celebrate independence, our educational system, those who are in power who want to retain that power through any means possible; those who are wicked profiteers off division and hate; they have been deceiving us out of a glorious history and have convinced entire segments of our population that independence does not apply to them. They don’t realize that our battle for independence was a battle to end slavery as well, because in our history books we don’t teach that the American colonies wanted to end slavery under British rule, but British rule would not let them.

Colonel George Mason described during the federal convention in 1787 that there was the desire to end this slavery, but they would not let it. He says, quote: ”This infernal traffic of slavery originated in the avarice of British merchants; the British government constantly checked the attempts of Virginia to put a stop to it.” I’ll remind you, the British government had passed a law that said there would be no goods sold in the American colonies unless they were offloaded from British ships. And Virginia, trying to put a stop to slavery, even before independence, Great Britain was not only telling them no, they were threatening them with economic sanctions and military repercussions. Judge Pendleton observed during the debate in South Carolina in the House of Representatives in 1788, that only three states, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, allowed the importation of Negroes. This is in 1788. Virginia had a clause in her constitution for this purpose, and Maryland, he believed, had even before the war, prohibited it. How can we not teach this history? James Madison remarked, in 1788, that a few slaves were still in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut, but there was an attempt to annihilate slavery through the creation of our Constitution. Justice James Iredell stated, during the debate in North Carolina in 1788, “It was the wish of a great majority of the convention to put an end to slavery immediately.” This is why we gained our independence: to end slavery. This is why we ratified the Constitution with the text that it holds, so that we would end slavery. James Madison also said, “It is hoped that by expressing a national disapprobation of this trade, we may destroy it, and save ourselves from reproaches and our posterity the imbecility ever attended on a country filled with slaves.” This is our history; the end of slavery.

If we are going to free all our children from this designed deception to keep division and political slavery in America, we are gonna have to be the ones that start speaking truth. We have lots of articles on the website, www.KrisAnneHall.com, that will help you [learn] how the Constitution ended slavery; from slave to patriot, those who gave all. We have lots of articles about those who gave everything so that we could be free. I also teach a class called “The Forgotten Founders,” where we come and we teach about Crispus Attucks, and James Forten, and George Middleton, Bernardo de Gàlves, Betty Zane, Phillis Wheatley; these beautiful people who gave everything so that we could be free; these beautiful people that Frederick Douglass heralds as the heroes of the future of America.

We must move beyond what we have been taught and drive forward in the future with truth. We have to get beyond this, because in reality, as we remain deceived, as we remain divided, we are actually bringing about our own fall. Because [if] we cannot be united in liberty; what is it that we’re united in? We’re united in our factions. George Washington, in his farewell address, warned us that factions would be the end of our liberty. I believe he was talking about political factions, but I think that you can put any kind of faction in there. I mean, think about the “us” and “them” mentality that we have. Think about what we have going on in America, about how we are to be treating each other. Every difference becomes a division. Instead of saying, “you are different and I am different, but we can be different together, cause we have liberty and equality to express our differences,” be who you wanna be. But I have the liberty to live my life not conforming into your beliefs. Yet, we feel like, “okay, so you have the liberty to believe what you want to believe, but if you don’t believe and conform to exactly everything that I want, then, guess what, you are wrong.” No. There are some truths that simply cannot be denied. I love this line in Frederick Douglass’ 4th of July speech; let me see if I can find this. He says,

“But I fancy I hear someone of my audience say, ‘it is just in this circumstance that you and your brother abolitionists fail to make a favorable impression on the public mind. Would you argue more and denounce less; would you persuade more and rebuke less; your cause would be much more likely to succeed.’” He says, “But I submit, where all is plain, there is nothing to be argued.”

You see, we get that all the time with the Constitution; the people calling us purists, and saying “you know it’s this aspect of the Constitution that you fail to change the people’s minds, you fail to change the politician’s minds. Why don’t you be less argumentative? Why don’t you be more persuasive? Maybe you should rebuke less, and submit more persuasive argument; you’d be more likely to succeed if you could come across a little bit more amenable. Don’t be so adversarial.” That’s the same thing the people were telling Frederick Douglass. And he said, “But I submit, where all is plain, there is nothing to be argued.” I’m just trying to submit to you; the Constitution says what it says. Why do we gotta argue? There is no argument in the face of plain language and plain truth. You either are for the Constitution; you either follow the Constitution, or you don’t. There is no half way.   (37:50)