FBI Misconduct Jury Nullification Solutions

KrisAnne and JC delve into the real issues with the FBI Memo and a truly shocking story of judicial misconduct creating a complete destruction of Liberty all across America.  Listen, learn and leave behind the lies that are meant to distort, deceive, distract, and divide Americans.

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Show References –

Jury Nullification Article: http://fox17online.com/2018/02/02/jury-tampering-conviction-upheld-for-man-who-passed-out-fliers-on-sidewalk/

Judge Eric R. Janes and his boss Chief Judge: Paul H. Chamberlain

Phone: 989 772-0911

Brian E. Thiede:
Prosecutor  (231) 592-0141  bthiede@co.mecosta.mi.us

Judge  Peter M. Jaklevic:

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