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Geneology of the Constitution

Genealogy BANNER 880x360ctp

 Would you believe that the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights did not originate with America’s founders? Do want to defeat the argument that our Constitution is irrelevant because the founders could not envision the modern world? This is the course for you!

Learn the truth about where our founding documents originated. Discover the historical context of every single principle in our founding documents.This is the 1st course in the Liberty First University curriculum and is required for all students. Learn the history of our Constitution going back to the year 1100 and understand that our Constitution is not an invention, it is our inheritance.

Course Video Lessons

  1. The Five Liberty Charters
  2. From Athelred to William II
  3. The 1100 Charter of Liberties
  4. King John, 1215 Magna Carta, King Charles 1
  5. Petition of Rights, Grand Remonstrance, English Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence

Course includes PDF workbook you can download, print and use as a study guide.

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