Intro. to the Declaration of Independence

doi4The Declaration of Independence is the Sixth liberty charter in the long history of British law. It catalogues the grievances of the colonists and lay out the principles upon which they separate from Great Britain. It is rooted in the principle of sovereignty – that no one is naturally the ruler of another.

This principle is at the heart of individual liberty. Walk through this foundational document and learn the precise foundation that was laid for our future. See that the singular principle of liberty permeated all of our founders’ motivations. Arm yourself with the truth that you need to counter the dispersion’s about our Republic’s origins. To get immediate access to this course join Liberty First University by clicking on the “enroll” button.

Course Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to the Declaration of Independence
  2. Meet James Otis Jr.
  3. James Otis Jr. Leads the Way
  4. The Coercive Arts
  5. Governor Gage, Penelope Barker & List of Grievances

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