Art Amy

A Vision of America in 2021

This is guest article by the beautiful Amy Manley; a 19 year old brilliant young lady who just happens to have been homeschooled and also educated through our Liberty First Society Teaching. I pray this article touches you as much as it touched me.  If we do not learn from our history, if we do not hold tight to our Constitution, if we do not defend our Liberty, Amy says, this could be…

Art Amy


A Vision of America in 2021

by Amy Manley

It’s the 4th of July. We have banners hanging, fireworks set to go off, hot dogs and burgers roasting on the fire, and corn and salad ready. Friends will be coming over. The banners that we have flying are inside our house. We can’t hang them outside, but still they look pretty. The burgers and hot dogs are being roasted inside on the oven, because we can’t have an outdoor fire. The police will be here too, but they shouldn’t keep us from celebrating. We get to sing a song with our friends while they sit in their cars. It is a new one. The government wrote it for us. We can’t sing any of the old ones. We were going to read the constitution… or the opening lines of it, like we do every year, but we can’t. Not if the police are present. Maybe when they leave we can try and sneak it in there.

It is so nice to be able to celebrate our freedom. Everyone arrives. We wave at them from our front door. The police get out and are standing between the cars. They are nice men. They offer to help with the fireworks. We can’t tell them no. They say we can only set off 4 of them because of the toxins they release in the air. The same reason we can’t have an outdoor fire. They say it is for our safety that they are there. I believe them. It is nice to have the government looking out for us. We only have a few hot dogs and burgers because that is the only amount we were allowed to buy at the store. We don’t have any buns because the manager at the store said the government stopped allowing breads to be sold. We tried to make our own, but we were found out. We got punished. The police came and destroyed our garden. But they gave us money to buy food. I am glad we have the freedom to buy food with their money. Our friends are not allowed to get out of their cars, but we say hi to them from our door. One of them tries to read out of the Bible, something about our freedom in Christ. The police officer smashes the window of their car, and they are taken away. At least I have memorized some of the Bible so I can think about it in my head. They should have known better.
We are not afraid of the government, we just know they want what’s best for us. To keep us safe. It is 2021. I am glad we live in such free times.

History repeats itself.
It is the year 2020.
I think of the Israelites. They begged God for a king. God gave them a ruler. They became slaves in Egypt. It was nice there. They had food to eat. They had places to live. They had to work, but at least they had work. Others didn’t. They could get married, have kids, laugh and smile. But they were slaves, but they celebrated the freedom they had. And Yet, because they were slaves, they were told to do what was against God’s Law. They were commanded to build idols and worship god’s that were false. They had a King, but now they had a great separation from God. Because they were in bondage to a King who was against God. Even when a deliverer came, they got mad at him. They said it was better before he came. (Before freedom comes, it will get harder than it is now.) But Through one man’s obedience a nation was freed. They didn’t think life was so bad. They didn’t see their need for freedom. They cried out because of pain, but did not want to pay what freedom cost. So they stayed a slave. God has given us freedom. Freedom to worship Him. He has given us free will to choose Him, or not to. Evil will fight until death to rule the Children of God, will the Children of God fight UNTIL DEATH to be Ruled by their True King?


I think of Noah now. The world seems so similar to those times when he lived on the earth. Sin runs rampant. Evil has soaked it’s ugly fingers into the dirt we live on and has begun to devour anything in sight. Why does God not stop it? How can we fight for what is true when others just stand by and watch.

I think of Esther now. A whole nation was going to be killed. Esther was called because of her heart.

I think of myself. I think of how little I am. How I can do nothing. How I feel as if the world will become corrupted and evil as I sit here and fight a losing battle.

Then I think again…

Moses (one man with a pure, righteous, godly heart) led a nation to freedom, whether that nation knew they needed freedom or not. He obeyed God and God changed the world through that one man.

Noah (one man with a pure, righteous, godly heart.) led his family, and the rest of the world to freedom from the sin in the old world, whether they knew they needed it or not. He obeyed God and God changed the world through one man.

Esther (one woman with a pure, righteous, godly heart) saved a whole nation and led them to freedom from death, whether they knew of her or not. She obeyed God and God changed the world through one woman.

God is not looking for bloodthirsty men and women. He is looking for righteousness. His eyes roam through the world looking for those who are committed to Him (2 Chron 16:9) Righteousness. Purity. Godliness. A heart that will obey His commands as soon as they exit His mouth. He is looking for the righteous YOU.
History repeats itself. Are you going to be the ONE. The one who stands alone honoring God in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation? Are you going to be the one who obeys God in the quiet of the morning, or the battlefield for freedom?

Will you be the next ONE.  Though none go with me, still I will Follow.