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Stop Capitol Police Secure Rights of the People

Stop Capitol Police Secure State Sovereignty 
Your Action Needed!
by KrisAnne Hall, JD
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Early morning on September 1, 1774, The Royal Governor Thomas Gage sent troops to seize hundreds of barrels of gun powder from people of Charlestown, Massachussettes.  The whole people of the American Colonies were outraged and accused Governor Gage of “declaring war on the colonies of America.”  As soon as the people became aware of Gage’s attack on the rights of the people, the American colonists jumped into action and began securing the rights of all the people.

–Over 20,000 armed colonists, aged 16 to 60, from every American colony, began to march their way to Boston.

–Just five days later, the militia of Worchester County took over their government from the rule of the King. Replacing all leaders appointed by the King with those selected by the people.

–That same day in Suffolk County, the people gathered together, issued a list of nineteen grievances against the British government, and then promptly took all control of the militia away from the Governor and vowed to have open arms training every single day.

–The First Continental Congress unanimously endorsed the Suffolk Grievances and encouraged all other colonies to send aid to those in Boston.

Why were the actions of one Governor upon one town met with swift unity of the American colonies for the rights of all?  Because the American colonists were acutely aware of the fact that what happened in one town or city would set a precedent for force and oppression in EVERY town or city.  They were swift and united to stop the spread of government overreach.

Fast forward to 2021… Washington DC Capitol Police have announced that they want to set up a “field office” in Tampa, FL.  This is a very dangerous thing.  This would put in Tampa a police force with absolutely no accountability to the people, the Sheriff, or Governor DeSantis.  The Capitol Police could claim they are not bound by the Florida Constitution and deny the people of Florida their rights without any recourse.
If member of Congress truly feel the local Sheriff is so incompetant that they cannot rely on the Office of the Sheriff to secure their safety, then ONE OR TWO Capitol agents can be assigned for the infrequent visits of the member of Congress to their home district.  There is absolutey NO NEED for an entire field office.
This is not a “field office.”  This is a “beach head” (a defended position on a beach taken by landing forces, from which an attack can be launched).  This will not stop with Tampa, FL.  This is the first of many cities to be taken, without propert jurisdiction, by the Capitol Police.  Americans must be united and swift. 

PLEASE take the time to EMAIL AND MAIL a copy of the letter below to Florida Governor DeSantis, REGARDLESS of where you live.  We must encourage him to defend the Rights of Floridians and the Florida Constitution by DENYING permission for the Capitol Police office in Tampa.

To EMAIL Governor DeSantis and key Florida Legislators click this one link below and follow the directions:

To MAIL Governor DeSantis Print The Letter From This Link

and send to this address:

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Thank you for making your voice be heard!

Dear Governor DeSantis,

On January 29, 2021, US House Representatives visited a federal prison to ask questions about the detention of Americans under the Capitol Police authority.  These US Representatives were DENIED access and ACCUSED of TRESPASSING on the very property they fund and over which they have direct oversight.  These federal entities are actively denying the voice and control of the people through their representatives in Washington, DC.

This is the very abuse of authority we believe will be brought to the State of Florida if we allow the Capitol Police to set up an office in Tampa, Florida.  Make no mistake, this is not a temporary presence as representatives of this agency have told multiple press outlets they anticipate engaging in “future investigations.”  Is there a contract with the state that stipulates an exit date, compliance with the Florida Constitution, and submission to the authority of the Sheriff?

Florida should not allow this federal agency to operate in this State when they have proven they will circumvent the authority of our Sheriffs and our State Constitution.  Florida should not accept the establishment of a federal office that will claim a superior power to the State within our State.  Our people need you and your protection!

  • Article 1 section 8 clause 17 of the US Constitution establishes that the Federal government has no authority to establish any presence within the State without the express permission of the State.

You have the authority to deny this intrusion upon our State, our People, our Constitution. 

  • The people must retain authority over all those who will enforce laws to prevent abuse of authority and enforcement of unconstitutional laws.

The Capitol Police are not elected or controlled by anyone chosen by the people of Florida!

  • 2 USC 2 1661-1667 establishes that Capitol Police only have jurisdiction specific to Washington, DC or when they are actively protecting an elected federal official.

They have no jurisdiction without your permission!

  • Federal authorities cannot operate within our state without express permission. This is a Constitutional fact evidenced by the necessity of “Mutual Jurisdiction Agreements.” The FBI has no authority to extend jurisdiction in Florida to other agencies.

You Must withdraw any real or perceived permissions.

  • The existence of the Capitol Police under the auspices of the FBI in our State is a global statement that Florida Sheriffs and Peace Officers are incompetent and incapable of doing their jobs and our States are not Sovereign.

This is a slap in the face to our local Sheriffs & Peace officers.  Please deny this authority and stand with our State and local officials.

I am asking you to defend the Florida Constitution and the Rights of every Floridian from this unconstitutional intrusion upon our right as a State to self-govern.  Thank you for your time.