It’s The Same But Different, Clarissa Ward

 Clarissa Ward and the Ministry of Truth Minions (MTM), a.k.a fact checkers have done exhaustive research in order to rebut a dangerous meme before anyone gets the wrong idea.  The meme is allegedley of Clarissa “before and after the fall of Kabul.” In the first photo Clarissa reports with her golden locks exposed and in the second with a burka-like headgear covering her propaganda-filled cranium. 


While not addressing the question of whether Clarissa is inappropriately appropriating Taliban culture, the MTM suggested that the photos were not taken in the same places or in the same context.  It is not clear what the MTM is attempting to convey, but Clarissa wants us to know that she is conducting business as usual.


 Clarissa says she always wears a headscarf.  In fact she says she wears it exactly as you see in the photo, only different.


We’re glad they cleared that one up.  She awlays wears a headscarf just like this, only not quite like this.  It’s the same, only different…sort of.  Rest assured citizen, the MTM is on the scene.  You are now safe from this potetially devasting bit of misinformation.  

-Junior McKnuckle