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So Let Me Get This Straight… Afghan Withdrawal?

So Let Me Get This Straight…
September 3, 2021
Robert Altomare, Founder of the BreathEasy App
afghan wd art

 So let me get this straight: we’re calling our exit from Afghanistan a ‘withdrawal?’  Really? Are you kidding me?

Was it a ‘withdrawal’ when King George left the colonies?

Was it a ‘withdrawal’ when the Soviets left East Germany? 

Was it a ‘withdrawal’ when Iraq left Kuwait?

NO!  They got their asses kicked on the battlefield and retreated.  They were defeated and went home to lick their wounds.

As a nation of patriots, we will stop buying into our enemies’ premise that distorts our understanding of current events and call our departure from Afghanistan what it truly is: A defeat. And it wasn’t just a defeat! Because we left so much materiel in place, I think ole Noah Webster would have had something to say about it:

“So, President Hiden, you pulled your military out of Afghanistan, is that correct?”

“Yes, yes I did.”

“And the country was taken over by your enemy before you left?”


“And you left military equipment behind?”

“Yeah, 80 thousand million billion dollars’ worth”

“That sounds like you left all of your equipment behind, Mr. ‘President.’ What did your troops even bring home?”

“Mostly depression and sun burn, but I’ll give them medals.”

“I see.  Did I hear correctly that you left American citizens behind as well?”


“And are they dead now?”

“Well, either dead or hostages to be ransomed off, but yeah, most likely dead.”

“I see.  Well, Mr. Hiden, I’m afraid you can’t call this a withdrawal, per se. In fact, it looks like you have a full-fledged surrender on your hands.”

“But the Taliban offered us to provide Air Traffic Control services for their airport!”

“So you maintain control of the airport, then?”

“Yeah, no. We just left.”

“Sorry, President Hiden.  The world’s mightiest military just surrendered to goat herding child rapists in hand-me-down camouflage pants.”

“Ah, I see.  But did I tell you about my child sniffing? Does that help at all?”

“No, no it doesn’t…”

Do not let the forces arrayed against our Cause pervert our language. Once you accept the premise that a surrender is a “withdrawal” then it becomes much easier to accept an injection is a ‘vaccine’ or anything else our enemies’ deem it means.

Take control of your thoughts by taking control of our language.

I absolutely love the look of cognitive dissonance on their faces when I disabuse them of their illusion.

“Did you get vaccinated?” she asked.

“Are you asking if I received the CV-19 injection?  Then, yeah, that’s a hard no, sweetheart. But thanks for caring so much to ask,” I said.

“Injection?  No, it’s a vaccine!” she protested.

“Can you prove that? If you can’t then it is just an ‘injection’”


When the veil of legitimacy is removed by calling a thing by its proper name and naked of its mask, the look of realization on (some) people’s faces is truly magical.

Keep the Faith and Fight the Fight!

Robert Altomare

Founder of BreathEasy, the app to fight tyranny through community coming soon