Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night

 Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night

By R. Altomare, Founder of BreathEasy

January 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the Truman Show would have looked like if Truman had been treated poorly by his actor/neighbors instead of everyone’s best friend?

How badly do you suppose Christof could have abused Truman from his lofty, moon-based perch?

Furthermore, how would Truman have responded to such consistent maltreatment?

Would he resist? Would he knuckle under assuming his treatment were normal? Or would he go insane? From where I’m sitting now, I think we’ve seen all three of these possibilities in just the last two years, no? We are all Truman now…

And if Truman ever did push back against the tyranny that he lived under his entire life, what do you suppose the final straw be before he threw down his smart, brown leather attaché and roared,

“No more!”

Personally, for my money, I think it would be the constant drip, drip, drip of naked hypocrisy that we see exhibited by our (unaudited) ‘elected’ officials, lo these past 2 years that would finally send Truman over the edge towards action. Why? Because hypocrisy is such a personal insult, that it is difficult to countenance.

And I have to say, it’s getting hard to keep up with these fools, now. It’s coming pretty fast, and I’m getting pretty furious.

If you’ll remember, last week I wrote a piece on the nation’s Usefullest Idiot, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (OMG AOC). In that piece, I wrote about how Daddy’s Little Congresswoman fled to Free Florida to vacation while her constituents (more than the whole state of West Virginia according to her latest Cortez-ism) were left to shiver through their masks in NY.

Well, it turns out her comrade, America’s Prom King wannabe and first runner-up in the Hypocrisy Olympics, Eric “Honey Pot” Swalwell, was also just spotted lounging in the lobby of a Miami hotel just a few days after her visit and after having tweeted in December:

“As we end 2021, mired in a deadly pandemic, you should know who has prolonged it. THESE GUYS. Republican liars. Your vacation cancelled. Your kids back to virtual learning. And back to masks everywhere. For blame look no farther than #theseguys”

Not ‘everywhere,’ you jack-hole.

Which of course explains why “Honey Pot” was in Miami in the first place. Because when you are a supposedly ‘elected’ official (from an unaudited election) you are not only immune to any number of virulent strains of sickness rumored to be spreading across the land like an Antifa-caused wildfire in the Pacific Northwest, you are ALSO immune from your own illegal demands on the serfs you rule.

Now, the fact that “Honey Pot” was seen mask-less in Free Florida and proving once again that there is nothing to fear from the WuFlu is not my point. Nor is my point that he demonstrates for everyone that he is a raging hypocrite and walking security risk.

No, my point is that these puppets politicians are so stupid that they can’t even be bothered to pretend anymore. They have seemingly given up any pretense and are now so consistently acting out their inner despot so often that I’m starting to wonder if we’re not all on some hidden camera show. Does Candid Camera have a C-SPAN version? Is there a Christof in our moon, too?

And, as if the gruesome twosome weren’t enough, it turns out that Geraldo “Tomb-Raider” Rivera was also vacationing in Free Florida recently. There’s no word yet on the price of tickets to this Traitor Convention but I bet the swag bags were filled with the sweat of another man’s brow.

And lo and behold, Geraldo claims to have gotten the WuFlu, too. Watching his admission on live television was a sight to behold. This poor sap claimed to be “fully” vaccinated (whatever that means now) and up to date on his now-monthly (?) booster shots and yet still contracted the scourge of the common cold. I’ll say this, though: he legitimately looked stupefied at how such a thing could have happened, unless that’s just his face now.

Now, because patriots fully understand and appreciate the levels of depravity and coordination that exists between the ‘government’ and the ‘press,’ there are now rumors that these claims of sickness by OMG and Tomb Raider are to be used as an attempt to smear Free Florida’s liberty and its governor, Ron DeSantis.

Never let a nasty case of the sniffles go to waste…amirite?

If Eric “Honey Pot” Swalwell claims to have gotten sick after his jaunt down to Free Florida to definitely NOT meet up with a Chinese spy, we’ll see these fools for exactly what they are: enemies of a Free Republic;

…oh, and fools.

Yours in the Fight,

R. Altomare

Founder of BreathEasy

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